17 Best Champagne Glasses That Are Absolutely Stunning

best coupe champagne glasses hand-blown in assorted colors set
Estelle Hand-Blown Colored Cocktail Coupe Glasses: Food52

Whether you’re a modern day Gatsby or inspired by that iconic champagne tower you saw on a TikTok, these are the best champagne glasses you need for your next party! I mean, who doesn’t want an elegant and intriguing bar cart?

Serving your favorite bubbly has never looked better! From coupes to flutes, we’ve got you covered. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about choosing the best champagne glasses to really bring out the flavors in your bubbly, while also making sure your tablescape looks more chic than ever.

But before we dive into our favorite coupes and flutes (and tulips!), let’s cover some must-know details about the different types of champagne glasses and why choosing the best shape matters in the first place.

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What are the different types of champagne glasses?

best coupe champagne glasses with textured rainbow colored glass
Zaza Lustered Coupe Glasses: Anthropologie
  • Coupe Champagne Glasses are a shallow and more saucer shaped. They are considered extremely fashionable and are perfect for champagne towers. Coupe glasses have been around since the 18th century, but were really popular in the US starting in the 30s! The coupe glass is typically known as the most aesthetically beautiful glass to serve bubbly in.
  • Tulip Champagne Glasses are recognizable by their wide opening and narrow body. Similar to a goblet, the tulip shape is best for allowing the flavors and aromas of the champagne settle allowing for the best tasting experience! These glasses tend to be superior flavor-wise.
  • Flute Champagne Glasses are the most common and well-known type of champagne glass…best for a classic look. Their slender and elongated shape are perfect for sipping and celebrating with any bubbly beverage! Due to their thin build, the bubbles don’t fizzle out as much — we recommend flutes for a more picturesque display for your favorite bubbly!

What glasses are best for champagne?

champagne tower made of the best coupe champagne glasses with vintage gold rims
Palermo Gold Rim Glassware: Lyngby Glas

The type of glasses you plan to use for toasting and drinking matter! For example, a glass with a stem has some key benefits that make it the best for drinking champagne. Notably, the stem prevents you from holding the glass, so your drink doesn’t get warm.

Glasses with a wider opening allow for the flavors of the bubbly to settle, while a more narrow opening keep the bubbles intact. Depending on the type of celebration, you definitely need to consider which champagne glass is best for taste or which is best for display.

Generally speaking, the coupe is the go-to for display and aesthetic appeal, while the tulip is the best champagne glass for capturing the aroma and flavors of the champagne.

Does the shape of champagne glasses make a difference?

best crystal flute champagne glasses
Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glasses: Food52

The shape of the champagne glass does matter when serving your guests, so picking the best is crucial! While beautiful, the coupe shape can allow the bubbles to escape too quickly. BUT they are perfect for a Gatsby style get together!

The flute glass shape can hold bubbles together too tightly, not allowing you to appreciate all the flavor. However, flutes are the most commonly known and they never fail to look elegant!

The tulip glass shape gives the bubbles and flavors room to expand but not escape, giving you an optimal tasting experience (making them one of the best glass options for champagne connoisseurs)!

If you’re doing a quick toast or you bought a cheaper bottle of champagne, don’t let the shape bother you so much!

With this round up, you are sure to have the best time and prettiest glasses, regardless of shape! Not to mention, absolutely any cocktail can be served in these glasses. So level up your vodka and cranberry and NEVER LOOK BACK.

wall display of champagne

We could not resist showing you these ICONIC champagne walls you MUST HAVE at your wedding!

Where to Buy the Best Champagne Glasses

best coupe champagne glasses with gold floral design
Fiorella Coupe Glasses: Anthropologie

When it comes to investing in a set that will be durable, affordable and iconic we can trust a few places with delivering:

  • Amazon: Amazon is known for delivering quality products at a killer price, and this time it’s no different. We are absolutely obsessed with the gorgeous glass sets we’ve found on amazon, like this one!
  • Crate & Barrel: Crate & Barrel does a beautiful job of serving up glassware that’s sophisticated + modern, along with the classics we’ve come to know and love. We love C&B for a timeless aesthetic. And they have stunning heirloom style glass sets that will elevate your celebrations in the best way. (Like hello?! Look at these!)
  • Anthropologie: Anthropologie is our go-to for all things elegant and cute (with a dose of whimsy and magic). The glass sets we found here are unlike any other and truly the best! We’re definitely adding these to our cart right now!

P.S. ALWAYS check to see if your set of glasses is dishwasher safe! You’re safest bet is to hand dry, but if you’re looking for an easy clean-up, dish-washer safe is the way to go.

Best Champagne Coupe Glasses

best coupe champagne glasses with modern ribbed glass design
Dishwasher Safe Ribbed Coupe Champagne Glass: CB2

We’ve said it a few times already, but it bears repeating: coupe champagne glasses are a serious VIBE and are the best glasses when the display is top priority. When it comes to aesthetic glassware, the coupe is iconic.

These glasses are timeless and so elegant. We cannot help but fall in love with their rounded shape and elegant stem. They’re the go-to for parties, weddings, and champagne towers (and with a shape like that, it totally makes sense!).

For a more versatile coupe, we recommend a clear crystal glass, but if you want that extra flair…pink or multi color glass is definitely the vibe. So without further ado, let’s dive into our curated collection of the best coupe champagne glasses…get ready to fall in love!

1. Best Champagne Glasses for The Bar Cart Beginner: This Ribbed Coupe

best coupe champagne glasses with ribbed glass

Chapter One of a cute apartment definitely includes a section on stunning bar carts! These cute, modern coupe champagne glasses are the best place to start.

With 4.6 stars and over 400 reviews, these coupe champagne glasses are starting you off our list of the best with a bang! They are dish-washer safe and perfect for cocktail and champagne taste-testing.

Plus, these beauties are short and flat-rimmed with a gorgeous ribbed texture. No one will know you got them for an absolute bargain!

Shop the eve Champagne coupe Set

2. Best Coupe Champagne Glasses for the Summer: This Pink and Gold Set

best coupe champagne glasses in pink with gold rim

Sipping in the summer breeze has never been this good! Elle Woods would definitely approve of these gorgeous pink coupe champagne glasses. And they are completely lead-free and hand-blown, giving them that stunningly iconic shape.

The gold rim detail truly sets these glasses apart from other crystal champagne glasses. Who doesn’t love that extra taste of luxury?

Perfect for holidays and hosting, we can’t recommend these enough!

Shop these Pink Coupe Glasses

3. Best Coupe Champagne Glasses for a Champagne Tower: This Contemporary Coupe Set

best coupe champagne glasses with modern squared design

These gorgeous, contemporary coupe champagne glasses are the BEST for that champagne tower you’ve been dreaming of! The mix of a squared design with curved edges has a stunning architectural beauty we can’t get enough of.

The ideal shape of the round rim and slender stem ensure that they will stay perched while that champagne flows.

We LOVE an easy clean up…which is why we LOVE that this coupe champagne glass is dishwasher safe!

Shop these contemporary coupe glasses

4. Best Coupe Champagne Glasses for a Vintage Vibe: This Amber Coupe Set

best coupe champagne glasses with amber colored glass and sturdy stem

Did we take inspo from your very specific Pinterest board? …maybe. We love amber glass for its vintage appeal. This color of glass is having a serious comeback, but it was also ultra-popular back in the 40’s through the 60’s.

This beautiful set of amber colored coupe champagne glasses are completely irresistible and best for a vintage vibe. They are dishwasher safe which makes for easy cleanup! We love the modern design and coloring of this coupe champagne glass. A perfect twist to a vintage classic.

They can be used year round in your contemporary apartment setting or they are perfect for the fall because of their amber coloring.

Shop these amber Modern coupe Glasses

5. Best Coupe Champagne Glasses for a Retro Vibe: This Vintage Gold Coupe Set

vintage thick gold rim best coupe champagne glasses

The delicacy of the simple gold band goes a long way, evoking a feel from eras past.

We absolutely love these retro, gold coupe champagne glasses. They are timelessly elegant and very affordable! These coupe champagne glasses are best for any upscale gathering or as a gift to your fanciest friend!

And with 4.7 stars, we know that these are the glasses you should cheers with!

Shop these Champagne coupes with a Gold RIm

6. Best Coupe Champagne Glasses for a Feminine Touch: The Pink Waterfall Set

vintage inspired pink best coupe champagne glasses with gold rim

To all of our Anthropologie lovers, you have a new item to add to your wishlist! These pink coupe champagne glasses are one of the best choices for any cocktail, but we’re dreaming of champagne (obvi).

They’re a bit taller than the other glasses featured on this roundup, coming in at 7 inches. The skinny gold rim and gorgeous waterfall texture surely add that bit of flare you’ve been shopping for!

Needless to say, these glasses make for a seriously stunning New Years Eve bar cart setup.

Shop these pink coupe glasses

7. Best Coupe Champagne Glasses for The Holidays: The Remy Set

vintage best coupe champagne glasses with gold etched nature-inspired details

If it’s not the gorgeous coupe shape, its definitely the 24K gold etching detail on these coupe glasses.

The undeniable elegance of these coupe glasses make us think of the most elegant soiree and of course, the holidays. Imagine all of your guests arrive in glitz and glam. Now, imagine you’re toasting each other with these!

Once again, we’re absolutely infatuated with the iconic coupe design, but now we have these beautiful gold details throughout the glass. These champagne glasses are an absolute best + MUST-HAVE.

Shop these champagne glasses with gold detail

boho rounded wood rattan best bar carts with storage

Have our favorite champagne glasses caught your eye? Wait until you see our most stylish bar carts!

Best Tulip Champagne Glasses

crystal best tulip champagne glasses
Tulip Champagne Glasses: The White Company

Tulip champagne glasses are best known for being the superior choice for drinking any type of bubbles. Their wide opening allows for the bubbles and aromas to settle more properly, giving you a better tasting experience. They are about as long as champagne flutes but they are wider, which gives them the tulip shape.

If you’re looking to impress your wine-obsessed friend, offer them a glass of your favorite bubbly in a tulip champagne glass so they can truly taste all of the flavors and experience the full bouquet of aromas. We love seeing these sophisticated sets at weddings and elegant get-togethers!

8. Best Tulip Champagne Glasses for a Sophisticated Experience: These Elongated Beauties

crystal best tulip champagne glasses with elongated body

This sophisticated set of tulip champagne glasses are best for that high-end celebration you’re planning!

Made from Willsberger glassware, the machine-made form of these tulip champagne glasses are one of the best for durability. Holding 9 oz of your favorite bubbly in a stunning elongated shape, these lead-free crystal champagne glasses are made for an elegant toast!

Plus, this dishwasher safe set has the perfect wide brim opening to enjoy all the aromas of your sophisticated champagne!

Shop these sophisticated tulip Champagne Glasses

9. Best Tulip Champagne Glasses for Guilt-Free Celebrating: This Affordable Tulip Set

affordable crystal best tulip champagne glasses

The modern and elegant shape of the tulip champagne glass has never been more affordable! On Amazon, you can get this set for $30! A serious steal, especially given that tulip shaped glasses are some of the best when it comes to accentuating the flavors and aromas of your bubbly.

This set of 4 is dishwasher safe and holds 8.5 oz of your favorite champagne! With this deal, we know that your favorite champagne has never tasted better!

Shop this affordable tulip Champagne Set

10. Best Tulip Champagne Glasses for New Beginnings: This Heirloom Glass Set

best tulip champagne glasses with vintage crystal texture

Is something worth celebrating without acknowledging the twists and turns that got you there?

This tulip champagne glass set is best for celebrating your endeavors and kicking off a new chapter! Think of the new year all year when you toast with this elegant set.

The heirloom vintage-inspired look of this set is perfect for entertaining and bringing your loved ones together to celebrate the new beginnings you plan to share! That textured glass is seriously stunning.

Shop this Heirloom Style Tulip Champagne Set

11. Best Tulip Champagne Set for An Autumn Celebration: This Amber Tulip Set

vintage inspired amber color best tulip champagne glasses

When it comes to the best tulip champagne glasses for a vintage vibe, we simply cannot resist these amber colored tinted beauties. They are the perfect mix of aesthetically pleasing and completely functional!

The warm vintage style of this set offers the a timeless and elegant look, with a unique floral shape we’re utterly obsessed with. We love these glasses for an autumn or holiday celebration. A Friendsgiving toast will be more than heartwarming when you toast with these!

Holding 7 oz of your favorite champagne, these vintage tulip champagne glasses are a must-have!

Shop these vintage tulip Glasses

12. Best Tulip Champagne Set for The Happy Couple: This Custom Mr. + Mrs. Set

best tulip champagne glasses with custom Mr and Mrs personalized text

To have and to hold and to CELEBRATE!

These personalized tulip champagne glasses are one of the best options for the happy couple at their reception or on their anniversary.

And it’s no wonder these personalized champagne glasses have over 1,400 reviews and 4.8 stars…they are BEYOND cute. The custom Mr. + Mrs. text makes for an heirloom you’ll want on full display at all times.

Plus the shipping is quick and easy if you’re looking for a last-minute gift. We’ll cheers to that.

Shop these Personalized Tulip Glass Set

Best Champagne Flute Glasses

best flute champagne glasses with gold pearl beading details
Confetti Celebration Champagne Flutes: Pottery Barn

Flute champagne glasses are perhaps the most common type of champagne glasses. They are timeless and classic, and their tall and sleek design level up and and all occasions!

Consider a stemless flute for a more relaxed celebration or for toasting with mimosas. Regardless of the bubbles you choose, they are perfectly on display when you serve bubbly in these tall and elegant glassware!

Ready to shop? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best flute champagne glasses.

13. Best Flute Champagne Set for a Classic Celebration: These Timeless Flutes

best flute champagne glasses with extra tall squared off silhouette

Sometimes the best flute champagne glasses are the simplest and most classic in design, and this beauty is proof of that. The contemporary and timeless design displays 5 oz of your favorite bubbles and clean up easy when the bottle is empty (we love a dishwasher safe design)!

With 4.8 stars and 1,293 reviews you truly cannot go wrong with grabbing these ahead of your next celebration. Coming in at 9.75 inches tall, these are perfect for making a statement. That slender champagne glass body is seriously gorgeous.

P.S. We especially love these champagne glasses for toasting with mimosas!

shop these classic Champagne flutes

14. Best Flute Champagne Glasses for a Whimsical Vibe: This Iridescent Pink Set

iridescent handcrafted modern pink best flute champagne glasses with gold rim

Back with more pink champagne glasses, because let’s be honest, they’re the best when it comes to nailing a whimsical vibe.

This time, we’re showing off these gorgeous pearly pink flute champagne glasses. These are handcrafted from a shop with over 4,000 reviews and 4.9 stars, so you know they’ll be a fan favorite.

We think this set of 4 is perfect for kicking off any whimsical celebration, from bridal showers to bachelorettes! We love the pink iridescent sheen these glasses have, especially when paired with the gold rim. The perfect mixture of sophisticated and fun.

A set of 4 glasses for a reasonable price is such a steal! Especially when they look this luxurious!

Shop these pink flute glasses

15. Best Flute Set for An Ultra Artsy Statement: These Venetian Style Spiraled Flutes

best flute champagne glasses with venetian spiraled design

These venetian flute champagne glasses are arguably some of the best and most stunning glasses we’ve ever seen. The intricate spiral design and shape are unlike any other champagne glasses out there! Truly one of a kind.

Notably, each glass is hand blown by Michael Dickinson, who uses traditional flame-working techniques with borosilicate glass. The stunning texture alone is completely unforgettable and makes them necessary for your next champagne toast.

Perfect gift for the newlyweds or as an anniversary gift!

Shop these Venetian Style Spiraled flutes

16. Best Champagne Flute Set for a Vibrant Toast: These Colorful Cuties

flutes in a colorful assorted set

Best flute style champagne glasses for a colorful soiree? You CANNOT go wrong with these vibrant stunners.

This assorted set is undeniably the most fun on our list (although you can buy your set of 4 flutes in a single colorway too).

The vibrant coloring made from Borosilicate glass are sure to get the celebration started in the best way. Plus, this assorted bunch isn’t so bad on the eyes either. These flutes are basically made to be displayed on your wine rack.

Best when you don’t want to overindulge, but still want to experience a nice glass of bubbly, these 9.75 inch long flute champagne glasses hold a solid 6 oz. Perfect for a sparkling night cap.

shop these colorful Champagne flutes

17. Best Champagne Flutes for Celebrating The Everyday Moments: This Stemless Crystal Set

stemless crystal flute best champagne glasses

We love a simple design. And these crystal stemless champagne glasses are the best for celebrating the small, casual moments in life.

And the best news? These flute style champagne glasses come in a set of 6 for only $30, making them one of the best deals on this list. With 4.8 stars and over 900 reviews, we think your search for the best champagne glasses might be over…

This set is extremely versatile and a little more laid back than champagne glasses with a stem. Plus, they are dishwasher safe! Perfect for a casual glass of bubbly to celebrate the fact that you made it through the work week.

Shop this Stemless Champagne Flute SET

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Vintage Art Deco Coupe Glasses: The Wine Savant

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