29 Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas Everyone Is Guaranteed To Love

new york bachelorette party ideas
photo: Gayle Dawn Photography | colorful dresses for the bachelorette party

Let’s talk one of our fave parts of wedding planning: coming up with epic bachelorette party ideas! It’s one of the biggest responsibilities a friend-of-the bride can have: plan an unforgettable bachelorette bash.

It’s a classic part of the inauguration from Miss to Mrs.! The bride has most likely put in a LOT of work at this point and is more than ready to kick up her feet. So, how can you plan the perfect event? We’re here to help, with 29 bachelorette party ideas that are as unique as the bride herself.

But first, a few non-negotiables, if you want to make it a truly memorable bachelorette party. Rule number one: make the day personal to the bride. You know your BFF, so tailor all the details to create a celebration custom-made for her.

And rule number two? Throw out ALL the traditional bachelorette party ideas and get creative — a bachelorette party can be anything you want it to be! From yogi retreats to pasta eats…the sky is the limit.

Before we jump into our favorite bachelorette party ideas, let’s cover a few FAQs!

Who plans the bachelorette party?

pastel 90's theme bachelorette party ideas with balloon arch
photo: Sanaz Photography, as seen in this rad 90’s bachelorette party theme event

The bachelorette party is traditionally planned and organized by the maid of honor, with additional help from the bridesmaids. So if that’s you, you have the special honor and privilege of coming up with some awesome bachelorette party ideas (but don’t worry, we’re here to help!).

However, depending on the wedding party and whether or not the bride has one, the duty of planning can fall to friends, as well. That said, typically if you’re tapped for maid of honor duties, the bachelorette party is one of your top priorities.

Who pays for the bachelorette party?

bride holding a monogrammed mrs bag during her Golden Girls theme bachelorette party
photo: Chelsea Smith Photo, as seen in this Golden Girls bachelorette party theme event

The bridal party pays for the bachelorette party. It’s up to you how you want to split the bill. And you should definitely consider everyone’s budgets when you’re making plans and sorting through these bachelorette party ideas, so that you’re not expecting too much from any one person.

If you’re considering out-of-town bachelorette party ideas, travel expenses will typically fall on the individuals invited. This is one party where guests can pay for their own flights and lodging.

However, there is one person who shouldn’t have to pay, and that’s the bride! Unless she insists, the bridal party should cover as much of her costs for the bachelorette party as possible.

Who to invite to the bachelorette party

face mask, sunglasses, and custom towel bachelorette party invitation ideas and gifts
photo: A Raw Collection, as seen in this Insta-worthy desert Airbnb bachelorette party

Not sure who to invite to the bachelorette party? The invitation list should, at the very least, include all members of the bridal party.

Beyond that, check in with the bride to see who else she’d like to invite! She may have friends and family coming from out of town or she may want to invite close friends who aren’t in the wedding party. The bachelorette party invite list can be as intimate or big as she likes.

When do you have a bachelorette party?

colorful al fresco dining bachelorette party ideas with dramatic floral installations
photo: Sanaz Photography, as seen in this colorful backyard party

Choosing a date for the bachelorette party often depends on the type of wedding and the type of party. If you’re going out of town for the bachelorette party, it might be best to do it a month or two before the wedding. You’ll also want to think about which bachelorette party ideas would resonate most with the bride, and pick a season that’s appropriate for them.

If the bride has guests coming from out of town she’d like to invite, the bachelorette party can take place during the wedding week, so those guests can extend their wedding travel plans to include the party. Just make sure everyone in the bridal party has a few days to recover!

Now, let’s jump into our favorite bachelorette party ideas!

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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

This list of fun bachelorette party ideas is for the group of gals who loves nothing more than a high-energy good time. From unique to quirky themes, and high-stoke venues, these ideas could not be more perfect.

1. ’90s Nostalgia Theme Bachelorette Party Idea: Roller Skating + Glamour Shots

roller rink theme fun bachelorette party ideas
photo: Zoom Theory, as seen in this roller rink wedding

The ’90s are in, baby! Roller skating rinks are such a fun hit of nostalgia and make for a perfect bachelorette party idea. You can encourage guests to dress in a ’90s theme and pass out all the Lip Smackers and pizza (and these adorable retro roller skate earrings!).

We love the idea of setting up a “Glamour Shots” photo booth and hitting the mall. And what better way to wrap up this fun event than a classic slumber party?

2. Cowgirl Bachelorette Party Theme

Palm Springs bachelorette party ideas theme with all the bridesmaids wearing cowgirl hats
photo: Lauren Scotti

What is a bachelorette party without a pink cowgirl hat? Something about donning a hat and boots just brings out the fun—no matter where you plan the bachelorette party.

We especially love this bachelorette party idea for a desert bash. Perfect for a wild west vibe, with a twist!

3. Disco Bachelorette Party Theme with Karaoke

disco theme bachelorette party ideas
photo: Font & Figure, as seen in this disco theme anniversary party

Give us all the sequin jackets and all the hot pants, because nothing goes better together than a sparkly jumpsuit and a hot mic!

Disco bachelorette party ideas are undeniably fun and unique. You can book a private karaoke room and sing your hearts out until the sun comes up. Sign us up!

4. Music Festival Bachelorette Party

bridesmaids at a music festival theme bachelorette party
photo: Alexandria Monette Photography as seen in this Coachella-inspired bachelorette party

If you love music and you love music festivals, chances are this bachelorette party idea is already a no-brainer for you. Gather the crew (and your fave festival clothes) and make it a bach weekend to remember!

This bachelorette party theme is perfect if the bride is planning a fall wedding, since so many music festivals happen in the spring and summer months. After all, who said the bach party has to happen a couple days before the wedding? We love the idea of planning it weeks or months in advance and making it its own special thing.

5. Themed Bar and an Escape Room

tiki bar theme bachelorette party ideas
photo: Megan Welker, as seen in this Palm Springs girlfriend getaway

Sometimes it’s the kitschy bachelorette party ideas that are the most fun. Is there a local themed bar that you’ve yet to hit up? From tiki bars to speakeasies, a theme bar is such a fun way to kick off the bachelorette party.

From there, load up and visit an escape room! If you haven’t done one yet, they are SO fun. And in this rare case, the cheesier the better.

6. Private In-Home Cooking Class Bachelorette Party Idea

bachelorette party ideas at home cooking class

Foodies, this one’s for you. Booking an in-home cooking class is such a fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be! You might have to do some searching in your area—or call in a friend who’s a great cook!

Either way, this cooking class bachelorette party ideas include dinner AND an activity where you get to enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor.

7. Handmade Pasta Class Bachelorette Party Idea

woman teaching a handmade pasta class during a bachelorette party
photo: Joe + Kathrina, as seen in this handmade pasta bar wedding

While we’re on the topic of fun food-based bachelorette party themes, the only thing better than eating carbs with your BFFs is making carbs with your BFFs!

If you’re near New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Vegas, Dallas, or Los Angeles, Eataly offers pasta + pizza-making classes, which we totally recommend as the most perfect (and delicious!) bachelorette party idea. Because if you can’t go to Italy, you may as well eat like you’re there!

Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Wild bachelorette party ideas are kind of a classic, but this roundup includes some you may have never even considered before. We love a bach party that lets you and your girls let go and get a little crazy. It’s a party after all, right?!

8. Book a Pole Dancing Class

bachelorette party ideas pole dancing class three girls hot pants
photo: Caroline Opacic Photography, as seen in this roller skate wedding inspo

We guarantee laughs for DAYS with this wild bachelorette party idea. And maybe even a few surprise talents! Plus, there’s no denying that learning how to pole dance together is sure to bring the bridal party together. Talk about a bonding experience that’ll make the wedding day that much more fun and exciting.

You can connect with your local dance studio to book a one-off pole dancing party—and don’t forget the stilettos!

9. Bachelorette Party Lake Day

classy lakeside dinner theme bachelorette party ideas
photo: Anna Delores Photography | design: Wild Heart Events as seen on GWS in this Moonrise Kingdom theme party

What better reason to rent a boat (or a yacht!) than to celebrate your best girl getting married. Jazz up the lake day with a sunset toast or dinner. Give in to a little luxury—why not?

There’s no denying that lake day bachelorette parties can be both relaxing and full of wild adventures…you can choose your own path. But there’s nothing better than a warm summer afternoon on the water.

10. Bachelorette Party Tattoos or Piercings

fun tattoo bachelorette party ideas
tattoo design via Etsy

Does the bride live for her next tattoo? Or maybe she’s ready to get her first one! Either way, heading out for matching tiny tattoos or a new piercing is such a fun bachelorette party idea to mark the moment.

And for those who’d rather watch than participate, pack a few temporary tattoos and press on earrings! That way everyone can join in on the adventure.

11. Pool Party Bachelorette Theme

bachelorette party ideas pool party
photo: London Light Photography, as seen in this pool theme bachelorette party

It’s a classic when it comes to wild bachelorette party ideas: a pool party is ALWAYS a good idea. Grab your bridal party swimsuits, pack a few engagement ring floaties, and soak up the sun with your gals! There’s nothing more iconically summertime than this bachelorette party theme.

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Looking to plan a party unlike any other? These unique bachelorette party ideas are sure to help you achieve the vibe you’re going for. They’re unexpected, out-of-the-box event ideas that are sure to be unforgettable.

12. Relay Race or Mini Triatholon Bachelorette Party Idea

bridesmaid bride to be matching shirts unique bachelorette party gift ideas
bridal party shirts via Southampton Shirts

This unique bachelorette party idea isn’t for everyone, but for those who it IS for—a group race is a perfect way to celebrate.

If your girl’s idea of fun is a long weekend run or challenging herself with a race, this could be a super meaningful and exciting way to celebrate.

13. Hiking or Backpacking Bachelorette

outdoorsy unique bachelorette party ideas
photo: Lilly Red Creative, as seen in this free-spirited southwest wedding

Calling all outdoorsy gals, we’ve found the perfect bachelorette party ideas for you! Going for a long hike or even a backpacking trip could be a fun way to kick off the bachelorette festivities! Grab your camping gear and make a fun weekend of it.

14. Plan a Joint Bachelorette + Bachelor Party

bride and groom attending their joint bachelor and bachelorette party with an al fresco dining setup
photo: Sanaz Photography, as seen in this colorful backyard party

When it comes to unique bachelorette party ideas, this is one we’re seeing more and more—a joint party! Invite the entire wedding party for a celebration, or even go half and half.

You can begin the night separately, and then come together later in the evening for a late-night drink or adventure.

15. Sound Bath or Meditative Group Class

sound bath unique bachelorette party ideas
image via Five Senses

It’s one of the most unique and relaxing bachelorette party ideas on this list: the sound bath. Sound baths are one of the latest trends in holistic wellness, and we hear the results are AMAZING.

A time to relax, reflect and think about all the good things to come surrounded by your best girls. Sounds healing already.

16. Flower Farm Bachelorette Party Ideas

flower farm tour unique bachelorette party ideas
photo: Penelope Photography, as seen in this flower farm bachelorette party theme event

Here’s a super creative and unique bachelorette party idea! Book a visit to a local flower farm to learn about seasonal varieties, sustainability in florals, build your own bouquets or crowns, and–oh yeah–take a TON of adorable photos with the girls!

Perhaps the farm has a cute café on-site. Or work with the farmers to set up a sweet little table for drinks and bites after! So. Many. Photo ops (perfect for Polaroid pics)!

17. Group Art Class Bachelorette Party Ideas

bridal party participating in a flower making class bachelorette party idea
photo: A Raw Collection | event design: Details, Darling as seen in this Galentine’s Glamping Adventure 

Drawing, painting, ceramics, watercolor, jewelry, floral arrangements — the list goes on! If your bridal party is made up of creative souls, art-focused bachelorette party ideas couldn’t be more perfect. Better yet, see if the instructor will allow a few bottles of wine and let the creativity flow.

Low Key Bachelorette Party Ideas

Sometimes all the bride-to-be wants for your bach party is a chill night with her best girls. These low key bachelorette party ideas offer exactly that.

18. Rent Out Theater or At-Home Movie Night

low key bachelorette party ideas movie night
photo: White On Black, as seen in this destination bachelorette party planning guide

Movie night bachelorette party theme? Sign us up. Grab all the floor pillows and rugs, snag the bride’s favorite snacks, and set up a movie night she won’t forget! Make it fun by creating a little drinking game to go along with her favorite film!

19. Dessert Tasting Bachelorette Party Ideas

rainbow macaron desert tower with delicate flower details
photo: Lena Mirisola, as seen in this wildflower wedding inspiration

This roundup wouldn’t be whole without some sweet tooth bachelorette party ideas. Book a table (or a few) and do a dessert crawl around your city!

You can do this at home, too. Drop by a few bakeries and set the table with an array of sweets and champagne. Who wouldn’t love that?!

20. Staycation Bachelorette Party Ideas

Joshua Tree staycation bachelorette party ideas
photo: A Raw Collection, as seen in this Insta-worthy desert Airbnb bachelorette party

When you want to get away but you can’t swing a flight, a staycation is the next best thing. And in some cases, it might be even better! Book an Airbnb or a fun boutique hotel and explore your city with fresh eyes.

21. The Brunch Party

donuts brunch low key bachelorette party ideas
photo: Anna Delores Photography, as seen in this chic pink and orange theme party inspiration

This one’s arguably one of the most delicious bachelorette party ideas on the list. Got a brunch-loving bride on your hands? Start the bachelorette party with a brunch spread that totally sets the tone. A day that starts with gourmet donuts is already a winner!

22. Yoga or Wellness Retreat

yoga wellness retreat unique bachelorette party ideas
photo: Mandee Johnson Photography, as seen in this wellness retreat themed bachelorette party

Do all the downward dogs, eat all the kale salads, drink all the ashwagandha smoothies — and feel like a new woman by the end of it all.

When it comes to low key bachelorette party ideas, this one’s certainly a unique option. Here are 10 wellness vacation destinations to get you started!

23. Desert Getaway Event

Joshua Tree bachelorette party dinner tablescape
photo: A Raw Collection, as seen in this Insta-worthy desert Airbnb bachelorette party

If a little space and quiet sounds ideal, there’s nothing like desert escape bachelorette party ideas. Bring a few dining pieces from home or check out a local rental company to create a dinner that’s doubly special.

Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Classy bachelorette party ideas for the classiest of ladies! If the bride-to-be doesn’t love wild and crazy bachelorette party themes, these classy ideas are sure to resonate with her.

24. A Different Kind of Night Out

bachelorette party ideas girls cheers cocktails
photo: Emma Hopp Photography, as seen this Soda & Swine San Diego bachelorette party

To kick off our list of classy bachelorette party ideas, we love the idea of exploring your city from a different point of view! Start with cocktails at a local boutique hotel before dining at the bride’s favorite spot.

Hit up a comedy show, or a concert, or a play! Finish up at a rooftop bar before crashing for the night.

25. Foodie Tour or Dinner Crawl Bachelorette Party

dinner crawl fun bachelorette party ideas
photo: Megan Welker, as seen in this Palm Spring girls getaway

If the bride is hungry for something a little different when it comes to bachelorette party ideas, try tasting the local best! You can find a foodie tour in almost every major city, so book one close to you or road trip to the next city over for a quick — and delicious — excursion.

26. Spa Day Bachelorette Party Ideas

spa day classy bachelorette party ideas
photo: Mandee Johnson Photography, as seen in this wellness retreat bachelorette party theme

No one will ever complain about spending a day at the spa, and chances are HIGH that your bride-to-be BFF needs it more than you know. Or, make this bachelorette party idea a bit more personal and plan a spa day at home!

27. Glamp it Up

boho classy glamping weekend bachelorette party ideas
photo: A Raw Collection | event design: Details, Darling as seen in this Galentine’s Glamping Adventure 

Searching for classy bachelorette party ideas that combine luxury and the great outdoors? When camping and spas meet in the middle you’ve got glamping: a relaxing retreat outdoors where you sleep in an actual bed—praise hands!

We love El Cosmico in West Texas and AutoCamp across California, but do a quick search to find options near you!

28. Winery Bachelorette Party

visit a winery bachelorette party ideas
photo: Carlie Statsky, as seen in our girls getaway guide

Let’s be honest, this list of the best bachelorette party ideas wouldn’t be complete without a winery. It’s like bar hopping, but with way more photo ops and way fewer unwanted advances! Because you are classy modern women, after all, and you aren’t afraid to get your day drinking on.

29. Bucket-List Trip Bachelorette Party Ideas

classy bucket list trip bachelorette party ideas
photo: White On Black, as seen in this destination bachelorette party planning guide

Finally, if you’re into bachelorette party ideas that mean going all-in, book a getaway somewhere the bride has always wanted to go. Take it a step further by hiring an event team to plan a special night just for your crew!

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