39 Best Charcuterie Board Ideas That’ll Totally Wow

unique charcuterie board ideas with fruit and cheese
charcuterie serving board: Martha Stewart

Are you hungry for a drool-worthy appetizer that will wow all your guests? With the best charcuterie board ideas, you can design a spread that looks just as good as it tastes.

Like cheese boards but fancier, charcuterie boards feature all your favorite finger food, assembled on a flat board for your grazing (and Instagramming) pleasure. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, but have only recently taken off as our favorite dinner party, bridal shower, and even wedding reception snack.

If you, like us, have eaten up the charcuterie trend, then you’re going to LOVE these drool-worthy charcuterie board ideas. From unique vegan spreads to Halloween-inspired boards, we’ve found something for every appetite.

But before you take a bite out of these charcuterie board ideas, let’s break down how you can make one for your next party!

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What to Put on a Charcuterie Board

simple wooden charcuterie board ideas
charcuterie board: Williams Sonoma

Traditional charcuterie boards feature cured meats, various cheeses, crackers, and other finger food like olives, dried fruit, and nuts. They’re typically stacked on a rustic wooden serving board and also include snacks that feel just a touch luxurious, like fig jam or dried dates.

Not a fan of some of these “authentic” ingredients? One of the best things about charcuterie board ideas is how customizable they are!

With the rise of their Instagram fame, we’ve also seen a rise in super rad out-of-the-box charcuterie board ideas. From pancakes to hot chocolate, you can put almost anything on your charcuterie board.

In addition to mouth-watering bites, you should also include a set of cheese knives for easy eating. A few other add-ons include chic small bowls or jars (for honey, jam, mustard, or other dips) and serving plates that match the board’s aesthetic. We also love these charcuterie board labels for cute and helpful signage!

How to Make a Charcuterie Board

simple small circular charcuterie board ideas
charcuterie serving board: Target

To make a charcuterie board that’s serving looks AND sweet treats, start by choosing foods with varying textures, colors, shapes, and flavors. Think: hard and soft cheeses, crunchy nuts, gooey jam, and colorful fresh fruit. You may want to build your board around a theme (like red and green for Christmas), but always try to include enough variety to keep the board’s spread interesting and delicious.

Next it’s time for the important part: the aesthetic. For the most Insta-worthy charcuterie board ideas, start with the largest ingredients and work your way down to the smallest. We recommend adding at least one bowl to break up the spread and give you a base to work around (don’t be afraid to choose something fun!).

Once you have your base to your charcuterie board, start adding your other snacks around it in playful layers. This is your chance to let your creativity flag fly! After all, the first rule with charcuterie board ideas is that there are no rules.

Fold your salami into a rose, cut your kiwis into stars, or arrange your crackers into a circle! Just remember to keep the most drool-worthy food pairings next to each other and you’ll be golden.

GWS Tip! For a finishing touch, add some sprigs of fresh herbs to your charcuterie board and fill in any empty spaces with nuts or popcorn. You can also sprinkle in some flowers for a dose of color and whimsy!

Where to Buy a Charcuterie Board

rustic simple small charcuterie board ideas
charcuterie serving board: Anthropologie

It may take some practice to create a spread that looks like edible décor, but a killer serving board will get you halfway there! To bring all of your charcuterie board ideas to life, here are a few of the best places to buy charcuterie boards.

  • Etsy: For unique charcuterie board ideas, it doesn’t get better than Etsy. They have handcrafted boards in every style, size, and price point. Plus, most of the charcuterie boards on Etsy can be personalized (like this monogrammed one), making this a great shop if you’re creating a spread for your wedding, bridal shower, or other event!
  • Anthropologie: Our home decor holy grail, Anthropologie has some of the chicest charcuterie board ideas. If you want to take your next dinner party to the next level, then don’t miss their collection of rustic wood boards, boho gemstone boards, and everything in between.

Feeling peckish? Let’s dig into some mouth-watering charcuterie board ideas!

Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

fresh fruit and vegetables slate unique charcuterie board ideas
unique charcuterie board: West Elm

Here at GWS, we’re all about breaking tradition to make something truly your own — from your wedding day to your dinner parties! With unique charcuterie board ideas, you can create a truly unforgettable appetizer that reflects your style and makes your guests ooh and ahh.

Whether you want to build a spread for a spooooky Halloween party or give a classic cheese board a glamorous twist, unique charcuterie board ideas will satisfy all your cravings. For the bold, the creative, and the one-of-a-kind: keep scrolling for a taste of our favorite unique charcuterie board ideas!

1: Agate Gemstone Charcuterie Board Ideas

small modern agate crystal unique charcuterie board ideas

Calling all charcuterie novices! With serving boards this stunning, you can keep your snack design simple and sweet.

Swapping out classic wood trays with agate stone centerpieces is one of our favorite unique charcuterie board ideas. Agate is a super sturdy and durable stone, making it a great base for all your favorite nibbles — plus it looks like utter magic!

These gemstone charcuterie boards from Anthropologie feature a gleaming golden edge (for extra glam) and come in multiple colors. And, since they’re on the smaller side, you can get a few to mix and match. One for meat and cheese, one for fruit and veggies, and, most importantly, one for desserts!

Shop This Crystal Cheese Board

2: Wedding-Ready Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

monochrome wedding dessert unique charcuterie board ideas spelling out the word "love"

We are in L-O-V-E with wedding-ready unique charcuterie board ideas! Show just how sweet your love is by covering these wooden letter boards with some crowd-pleasing sugary treats.

Like traditional charcuterie board ideas, dessert boards should also have a good range of textures and flavors. Add some salty + sweet chocolate-covered pretzels in addition to melt-in-your-mouth brownies — and don’t forget to snap some personalized sugar cookies!

SO photogenic, these serving boards would make an unforgettable centerpiece for a grazing table at your reception or bridal shower!

Shop These “Love” charcuterie grazing boards

3. Halloween Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

Halloween meat and cheese unique charcuterie board ideas

photo: Sugar and Charm

The nights are getting longer and Netflix is adding more spooky flicks to their collection by the day. You know what that means….it’s time for a Halloween scary movie marathon! And there’s nothing more comforting to get you through the jump scares than drool-worthy Halloween inspired charcuterie board ideas.

The best and most unique Halloween charcuterie board ideas make the most out of seasonal food and include a few ~spirited~ touches. Think: crisp apples, yummy cranberries, and pumpkin everything.

You can also add some creepy decorations or Halloween snacking plates to take the aesthetic to the next level. Happy spooky szn!

4. Sugary Sweet Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

circular dessert unique charcuterie board ideas

photo: Sugar and Charm

Let’s be honest: we’re all just counting down the minutes until we can have dessert. So why not skip the cheese and veggies and get right into the good stuff?! Enter: unique dessert charcuterie board ideas.

Whether it’s the main event or the grand finale after a dinner party, there are few ways to make your dessert charcuterie idea pop. Add a cute statement bowl filled with something sweet and gooey, like Nutella or melted chocolate. Then surround it with dip-able treats like cookies, pretzels, and fresh fruit.

Fill in the empty spaces with candy, chocolate, and popcorn and dig in!

5. Vegan Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

rustic vegan unique charcuterie board ideas

photo: Zardyplants

While the French origins of the word “charcuterie” revolve around meat products, we love seeing all the rad ways people have made charcuterie boards their own. And some of our favorite unique charcuterie board ideas are actually vegan!

Go eco-friendly AND delicious by filling your board with your favorite fruits, veggies, nuts, crackers, and jams. If you still want the classic charcuterie look, you can also add some vegan meats and cheeses, like this cashew milk mozarella!

Finish off the board with some sprigs of thyme or sage for a wow-worthy look.

6. Fourth of July Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

fruit fourth of july unique charcuterie board ideas

photo: The Delicious Life

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to throw a party in your backyard, it doesn’t get much better than the Fourth of July! A holiday designed for chilling with friends outside, eating and drinking, the 4th is your moment to introduce some seriously killer charcuterie board ideas.

When it comes to Fourth of July unique charcuterie board ideas, a red, white, and blue theme is a MUST. For the red section, choose summer favorites like watermelon, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes.

For the white section, add in your cheeses, crackers, and nuts like cashews. Complete the board with blue picks like blueberries, grapes, and black olives.

Don’t forget to include a set of chic cheese knives to make digging in extra easy! For larger boards, it’s better to include a few different knives to avoid overlapping different flavors.

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7: Personalized Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

rustic engraved personalized unique charcuterie board ideas

For the perfect host gift or party favor, we’re digging these personalized unique charcuterie board ideas!

Make your soirée truly unforgettable by engraving your boards with each guest’s name, then filling them with uniform treats. This way, your guests will automatically know their seating assignments, they won’t have to fight over the dried apricots, and they’ll have keepsakes they’ll treasure forever!

Trust us, you’ll be winning all the hosting awards with these custom charctuerie serving boards.

Shop These custom engraved charcuterie serving boards

8: Mushroom Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

mushroom shaped small simple unique charcuterie board ideas made of marble and wood

Show your guests that you’re a fun guy with a mushroom-shaped charcuterie board (sorry, we had to)!

Puns aside, this is by far one of the cutest unique charcuterie board ideas. It’s perfect for showingcasing your personality and adding a whimsical touch to a backyard garden party! We especially love the combo of wood and marble, which create extra contrast to highlight your nibbles.

While it’s on the smaller side, you can still fill this unique charcuterie board with all your faves — including, dare we say, mushrooms!

Shop This wood + marble mushroom charcuterie serving board

Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

dark maple wooden small charcuterie board ideas with a nut, meat, and cheese spread
small charcuterie serving boards: Etsy

Small charcuterie board ideas are perfect for the days you want to give yourself a little treat. From date night spreads to personalized trays, these charcuterie boards channel luxe vibes on a smaller scale. It’s called self-care!

Since smaller spreads don’t have the same impact as a huge grazing table, our favorite small charcuterie board ideas make a statement with unique designs, personalized engraving, and eye-catching details.

Go on, treat yourself!

9: Wedding Seating Chart Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

personalized wedding small unique charcuterie board ideas with engraved cursive names

A charcuterie seating chart? Brb as we add this to our Pinterest boards ASAP!

Another one of our favorite personalized charcuterie board ideas, these mini serving trays make the cutest place cards for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Customized with the names of each of your guests, they’re a place card and favor in one!

Top each custom serving board with a few hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour, or decorate them with some of your wedding flowers for an elegant look.

Shop These Personalized Small Serving Boards

10: Ampersand Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

ampersand engraved wood unique small charcuterie board ideas

This one’s for the conversationalists, the writers, and the ampersand enthusiasts! If you’re looking for small charcuterie board ideas that are guaranteed to be the talk of the party, you can stop scrolling now. This ampersand serving board is the perfect conversation starter.

Not only is this maple charcuterie board super rad, but it’s also great if you’re still perfecting your display skills. The deep grooves make it easy to layer your crackers, while the square design leaves you plenty of room for the rest of your goodies.

Serving up a great party has never been easier!

Shop This ampersand cheese + crackers serving board

11: California Dreaming Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

California shaped unique small charcuterie board ideas

If your heart belongs to California, then this custom charcuterie board is a NEED, not a want!

Location-specific small charcuterie board ideas are great if you or a loved one has just moved to a new state or settled into a new home. These serving boards are customized with a heart to mark your location — and this Etsy seller also makes them for all 50 states!

When displaying this board, keep your food design simple to let the shape and engraving take center stage. It may be small, but it makes a big impact.

Shop This Personalized California Serving Board

12: Rustic Wood Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

simple rustic wood small charcuterie board ideas

Is your home aesthetic farmhouse chic, organic and natural, with a touch of cottagecore? Prepare to be smitten with rustic small charcuterie board ideas.

Rustic charcuterie boards bring the classic wooden serving board back to its roots with organic grain patterns and natural bark edges. This sustainably sourced wood board from Pottery Barn is made from olive trees, which are known for their longevity. It’s also hand-carved by skilled artisans, so each one is 100% unique.

Channel the rustic feel with your food by keeping things simple and natural. You can also add some green accents sourced from your own backyard for a chic farm-to-table look.

Shop This Rustic Olive Wood charcuterie Cheese Board

13: Spooky Halloween Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

ouija-inspired personalized Halloween small charcuterie board ideas

Serve up some good old fashioned tricks and treats with small charcuterie (ouija) board ideas!

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just love the whimsigoth aesthetic, this custom small serving board will set the tone for your next event. It also comes in different shapes and types of wood, so you can make it your own before you fill it with your favorite treats.

While you may want to refrain from summoning any spirits from the dead, this board does call for some spirited drinks! Keep the vibes going with these spooky cocktail glasses.

Shop This Ouija-Inspired Unique Small Serving Board

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14: Circular Stone Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

circular agate stone crystal unique small unique charcuterie board ideas

Elegant! Sparkly! Oh-so glamorous! If these words describe your ideal dinner party aesthetic, then this may just be the small charcuterie board for you.

For small charcuterie board ideas that really dazzle, choose agate stone as the perch for your snacks. It’s unique and full of personality, while still feeling very grown up. Because the definition of adulting is serving cheese and crackers on a stunning board, amiright?

Shop This Unique Agate Stone Small Charcuterie Board

15: Wood + Slate Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

sleek slate and wood unique small charcuterie board ideas

Channel modern industrial vibes with wood + slate small charcuterie board ideas. This one is sleek and sophisticated, hand-cut from natural slate and finished with acacia wood accents.

We love the look of small groupings of your favorite finger food on small charcuterie boards — this will keep the tray from feeling too busy or overwhelmed. If you do want to add more food but don’t want to sacrifice on style, fill a few cool wooden bowls with dips, olives, or nuts and position them around your board.

Shop This Mixed Wood and Slate Small Serving Board

Simple Charcuterie Board Ideas

marble brass small simple charcutierie board ideas
simple charcuterie boards: West Elm

Whether you’re a charcuterie newbie or a cheese board purist, simple charcuterie board ideas will give you all the vibes of a stunning spread without any of the fuss.

To design your gorgeously simple spread, you only need a few key ingredients: a sturdy serving board, a handful of your favorite nibbles (you can never go wrong with a cheese + cured meat + cracker combo), and a drink of your choice to wash it all down.

Now that you know the basic recipe, keep scrolling for some simple charcuterie board ideas that are simply the best!

16: Epoxy Halloween Simple Charcuterie Board Ideas

round wood and epoxy Halloween-inspired simple charcuterie board ideas

If your Halloween aesthetic is less ghosts and ghouls and more pumpkins and pie, then great news! Simple Halloween charcuterie board ideas will get you in the festive spirit, no scares required.

All it takes is a dark and moody serving board (like this chic wood epoxy one) and a few mini pumpkins to create a tasty October-themed spread. Fill it with pumpkin scones, cinnamon treats, and some apples fresh from the orchard!

While it definitely has a Halloween flair, this spread is also one of our favorite autumnal charcuterie board ideas. We recommend enjoying it with a PSL in hand.

Shop This Rounded Wood + Epoxy Simple Serving Board

17: Cheese + Fruit + Wine Simple Charcuterie Board Ideas

rustic wood cheese and fruit simple charcuterie board ideas

For simple charcuterie board ideas that are still SO effective, all you need is a rustic wooden board and some drool-worthy cheese, fruit, and wine.

With a long rectangular serving board like this acacia wood one, simply grouping your snacks side-by-side looks super Instagrammable. We suggest sticking to a minimalist color scheme (think: white cheeses, like goat cheese and blue cheese, and purple fruits, like figs and grapes) for a picture perfect centerpiece.

Shop This Organic Wood Simple Serving Board

18: Petrified Wood Simple Charcuterie Board Ideas

petrified wood unique simple charcuterie board ideas

Who said simple charcuterie board ideas had to be boring? By creating a few unique charcuterie boards in varying sizes, your grazing table will go from basic to beautiful with hardly any effort required.

These petrified wood serving boards add a dose of drama to any party, especially when grouped together. Stack them with simple bites, clustered together by flavor or texture, and let the boards do the rest of the talking.

We also love the idea of creating one charcuterie board just for your drinks. After all, every great snack needs a great cocktail pairing!

Shop These Unique Petrified Wood charcuterie Serving Boards

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19: Chic Marble Simple Charcuterie Board Ideas

oval marble and stone unique simple charcuterie board ideas

It’s the modern minimalism for us! Simple marble charcuterie board ideas will help you look like a super elegant host, even if you just threw some cheese and olives on a board.

With a combo of grey and white marble, this oval charcuterie board has a way of making any snack look chic. Take your presentation to the next level with a simple bowl of honey, a dusting of thyme, and a matching set of marble cheese knives.

Shop This Marble and Stone Charcuterie Board

20: Simple Wooden Cheese Board With Handles

acacia wood small simple charcuterie board ideas with leather handles

A serving board with handles is a functional (and stylish) piece for any event, which is why it’s one of the best simple charcuterie board ideas on this list. Load it up with the basics then easily transport it to the center of the party. Talk about a grand entrance!

This Crate&Barrel serving board keeps things simple with a wood and leather combo. It’s versatile with a rustic flair. Perfect for any and every style of celebration (including a Netflix party with just you and your other half!).

Shop This Acacia Wood Serving Board WIth Leather Handles

Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

pancake waffle and fruit breakfast charcuterie board ideas
photo: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

If there’s anything that could make us wake up early, it’s breakfast charcuterie board ideas! A (very delicious) twist on classic charcuterie board ideas, these morning spreads have everything you need to start your day off right.

For the ultimate weekend vibes, we love breakfast charcuterie board ideas that feature pancakes and waffles. For brunch with the girls, we’re drooling over bagel trays and parfait boards. And for everything in between? Just add some bacon fresh off the grill.

If breakfast is your most important meal of the day, don’t sleep on these delectable breakfast charcuterie board ideas!

21. Pancake Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

unique pancake and fruit breakfast charcuterie board ideas

photo: Completely Delicious

Don’t mind that, it’s just the sound of our stomachs grumbling! The crème de la crème of breakfast charcuterie board ideas, this pancake spread is SERIOUSLY mouth-watering.

To create this build-your-own breakfast charcuterie board, all you need are fluffy pancakes and all your favorite toppings. Sprinkle snacks like fruit and chocolate chips along the sides, and add some cute jars, like these mini mason jars, filled with syrup, peanut butter, and whipped cream.

We’ll take one of everything!

22. Bagel Spread Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

unique bagel breakfast charcuterie board ideas

photo: @thebakermama

For the babes that brunch! Like an everything bagel, this breakfast charcuterie board idea is a real crowd-pleaser. All you need to do it yourself is an extra large charcuterie board, bagels in all your favorite flavors, and an assortment of sweet and savory toppings.

Add some spreads in small bowls positioned around the board, then group together toppings that your crew may want to stack, like tomato and avocado or bacon and eggs. We also recommend having a toaster nearby!

We love this one for a brunch bridal shower or engagement party.

23. Weekender Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

large unique summer breakfast charcuterie board ideas

photo: Reluctant Entertainer

The countdown to the weekend has finally ended, and now it’s time to celebrate. As far as breakfast charcuterie board ideas go, this one is not for the faint at heart!

Featuring stacks of waffles, scones, muffins, sausages, eggs, and fruit, this board could feed a village. What better excuse to have all your ride or dies over for a post-Saturday night hangout?

The secret to this charcuterie board’s aesthetic is the circular motif. Get the look by adding a smaller bowl (filled with fruit or jam) in the middle of a rustic round charcuterie board, then fanning the rest of your food around it.

24. Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Board

fruit and yogurt parfait unique breakfast charcuterie board ideas

photo: Buns in my Oven

The award for the healthiest breakfast charcuterie board ideas goes to…this yogurt parfait spread! When you don’t want heavy breakfast foods like pancakes and bacon but still want a brunch board that wows, this is a simple, healthy, and totally delicious choice.

Give your yogurt parfait breakfast spread extra style by using a farmhouse chic octagon serving tray. Add a big bowl of yogurt as the centerpiece, then pack the rest of the tray full of different fruit, granola, honey, and muffins.

Get some cute parfait glasses to show off everyone’s creations, and enjoy your guilt-free brekkie!

25: Engraved Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

unique personalized engraved breakfast charcuterie board ideas

If you’re a Virgo (or just REALLY love organization), these sectioned breakfast charcuterie board ideas may just be a compatibility match.

With different grooves for each of your brunch faves, this personalized serving board makes displaying your spread so simple. Make it your own with an engraved date, name, phrase, or cute quote.

Shop This Personalized Engraved Breakfast Serving charcuterie Board

Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

holiday tree shaped unique Christmas charcuterie board ideas
Christmas charcuterie board: Get On My Plate

‘Tis the season to impress your guests! And the best way to spread Christmas cheer is with Christmas charcuterie board ideas!

With the holiday season comes endless family gatherings, holiday parties, and festive events. Whether you’re putting on your hosting hat or competing for the best guest award, these Christmas charcuterie board ideas will definitely put you on the nice list.

So settle in by the fire, throw on your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, and check out these oh-so jolly Christmas charcuterie board ideas!

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26: Deck the Halls Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

unique engraved "deck the halls" Christmas charcuterie board ideas

Forget boughs of holly — this season we’re decking the halls with cheese and crackers! Whether or not caroling is on the agenda for your holiday party, engraved Christmas charcuterie boards are here to get you in the holiday spirit.

Since this wooden serving board is on the simpler side, feel free to go all out with your snack design. Layer your cheeses to make interesting designs, and try your hand at creating salami roses. Add some greenery (holly, perhaps?) and get ready to hear some serious oohing and ahhing.

Shop This Unique Engraved Christmas charcuterie Serving Board

27. Red + Green Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas

round red and green Christmas charcuterie board ideas with snowflake shaped cheese and star crackers

photo: The Delicious Life

Channel holiday classics with red and green charcuterie board ideas. It’s impossible to see this color scheme and NOT think of old St. Nick — plus, this is your opportunity to get creative with your nibbles!

For the red sections, shop for favorites like strawberries, salami, pomegranates, and red peppers. For the green sections, go out of the box with kiwis, snap peas, and cucumbers. Sprinkle in some neutrals, like cheese and crackers, and start building your masterpiece!

If you’re presenting this charcuterie board during a Christmas party, you’re going to need a large round board — we love this monogrammed one!

28: Holiday Geode Christmas Cheese Board

holiday geode crystal small Christmas charcuterie board ideas

All I want for Christmas is…this geode-inspired holiday serving board!

For unique and elegant Christmas charcuterie board ideas, we love this festive handmade board. Fill it with your holiday go-to’s, like cranberries and chestnuts roasting on an open fire (or maybe just a bowl of pecans).

Once the holiday party is over, you can also use this board to display some Christmas candles or Santa’s cookies.

Shop This Small Geode Christmas Serving Board

29. Cozy Hot Chocolate Christmas Board

unique holiday hot chocolate Christmas charcuterie board ideas

photo: Pizzazzerie

Queue up “The Santa Clause,” because hot chocolate Christmas charcuterie board ideas are MADE for cozy nights by the fire.

The perfect companion for your holiday movie marathon, this Christmas board has all the ingredients for a North Pole-approved cup of cocoa. Stack a round marble serving board with every sugary sweet you can think of, from marshmallows to candy canes to extra chocolate chips for mixing into your mug.

Speaking of mugs, this Christmas charcuterie board idea wouldn’t be complete without some jolly Santa cups for enjoying your brew!

30. Wreath-Shaped Christmas Snack Board

wreath-shaped unique Christmas charcuterie board ideas

photo: WonkyWonderful

You may already have a holiday wreath to decorate your front door, so now it’s time to create a holiday wreath to decorate your dining table!

Wreath-shaped Christmas charcuterie board ideas are perfect if you want to add a subtle but festive touch to your grazing table. This one takes all the complexity out of a traditional charcuterie board by using toothpicks to create identical (and delicious) skewers.

Stack each toothpick with classics like meat, cheese, tomatoes, and pickles, then line them up around the outside of a circular board, like this stunning one. For the finishing touch, add some sprigs of thyme or rosemary to create that spirited wreath-like look.

31. Sugar and Spice Christmas Dessert Board

holiday cookies and candy unique dessert Christmas charcuterie board ideas

photo: Camille Styles

Give ’em sugar, spice, and everything nice!

If you ask us, dessert Christmas charcuterie board ideas are the BEST Christmas charcuterie board ideas. That’s because the holiday season is a month-long excuse to have a sweet treat at any time of the day.

Go all out with sugar cookies, spicy gingerbread men, cool peppermint bark, and fluffy marshmallows. Serve your board alongside hot chocolate in playful Christmas mugs.

Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Ideas

cute autumn unique Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas
Thanksgiving charcuterie board: Ain’t Too Proud To Meg

For a holiday centered around feasting, Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas are a no brainer. Like Christmas charcuterie board ideas, these yummy spreads draw from the holiday’s main motifs — changing leaves, pumpkin season, and hearty seasonal grub, to name a few.

When it comes to Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas, we say the bigger the better (we have the same philosophy for Thanksgiving dinner!). Go big with autumn colors, rustic boards, and lots of fresh nibbles.

32. Rustic Autumnal Thanksgiving Snack Board

autumn cheese and fruit unique Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas

photo: Honestly Yum

Saving room for turkey might be a challenge when you have Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas that look this good!

This spread channels all the rustic vibes that we love in the autumn season. Get that homegrown aesthetic with an organic wood serving board and rich, seasonal produce. Think: fresh apples, pomegranates, chestnuts, and, of course, LOTS of cheese. Best served with a glass of red.

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33. Cute Small Snack-able Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Ideas

cute small Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas with fresh fruit and cheese spread

photo: The House of Hood Blog

For “Friendsgiving” or smaller celebrations, trade the big statement spreads for cute small Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas.

This board has room for all the yummy essentials, but without the fuss or prep time of a larger board. It’s everything you need for kicking back, watching some football or the parade, and spending time with the people you’re most thankful for.

Up the cuteness factor with a sweet pumpkin-shaped bowl, perfect for housing popcorn, hummus, or pumpkin seeds.

34: Pretty Pumpkin Thanksgiving Serving Board

unique pumpkin-shaped Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas

Pumpkins + Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas — just try to name a more iconic duo! Whether your pumpkin pie is the main event or you want to add some cute pumpkin flair to your autumnal spread, these unique serving boards will do the job.

Made from reclaimed wood, these pumpkin-shaped charcuterie boards will look so adorable next to your other Thanksgiving favorites. But be warned: they might just steal the show.

Shop These Pumpkin-Shaped Thanksgiving charcuterie Boards

35. Falling Leaves Thanksgiving Snack Board

unique autumn Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas with maple leaf cookies and chips

photo: Pizzazzerie

The changing leaves are a beloved sign that autumn is beginning, and they also create the color palette that represents all things fall and Thanksgiving. That’s why we love warm-toned Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas so much!

Create your Thanksgiving charcuterie board using all the colors of the falling leaves, including red (salami and apples), orange (dried apricots and pumpkins), gold (honey and crackers), and brown (pretzels and walnuts).

For extra warmth, be sure to choose a wood charcuterie board with brass accents!

Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas

fruit and cake unique dessert charcuterie board ideas
dessert charcuterie board: Mama Gourmand

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to dig into dessert charcuterie board ideas. Filled to the brim with nibbles from our favorite food group (chocolate) and other sweet treats, dessert boards are the perfect finishing touch to any party.

Whether you’re planning an elegant date night with your other half or a luxury picnic with your girl gang, we’ve rounded up the dessert charcuterie board ideas to make it a meal to remember.

So without further ado, feast your eyes on these sugary sweet dessert charcuterie board ideas!

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36. Small Circular Chocolate Dessert Board

small circular simple dessert charcuterie board ideas with chocolate and fruit spread

photo: Fork in the Kitchen

Let’s take a moment! One of the most mouth-watering dessert charcuterie board ideas on this list, this circular spread is checking off all the flavor boxes.

Chocolatey? Check! Add a bowl of chocolate ganache for delectable dipping. Sugary? Check! Marshmallows introduce some fun texture to a dessert spread. Fruity? Check! Strawberries should be included in ALL dessert charcuterie board ideas. Salty? Check! Pretzels and popcorn break up the sweetness to keep your guests coming back for more.

37. Rainbow Dessert Charcuterie Board Ideas

unique rainbow fruit dessert charcuterie board ideas

photo: The Delicious Life

Taste the rainbow with colorful dessert charcuterie board ideas!

One of the healthier dessert charcuterie board ideas on this list, this spread takes advantage of the natural shades of fruit to create a rainbow board with a major wow factor.

Such a simple and versatile idea, you can make your fruity dessert charcuterie board as big or as small as you’d like. Just be sure to group your snacks by color in a classic ROYGBIV order for the most impact.

This rainbow board would be SO rad for a Pride party or LGBTQ wedding! Just pair yours with some rainbow cocktail glasses to keep the theme going!

38. Chocolate + Strawberries Dessert Board

unique chocolate and strawberries simple dessert charcuterie board ideas

photo: Modern Honey

Chocolate and strawberries: a match made in heaven. With a true love match like this, strawberry + chocolate dessert charcuterie board ideas are MADE for sharing with your other half.

While this would be a super simple spread for a romantic date night, it’s also one of our favorite wedding charcuterie board ideas! Perfect if you want something other than the traditional wedding cake for your big day.

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39. Easter Candy Dessert Board

unique Easter candy dessert charcuterie board ideas

photo: Ain’t Too Proud To Meg

Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time to wow your relatives with Easter dessert charcuterie board ideas! Both kid and adult friendly, Easter charcuterie boards should be filled with all the treats you stock up on each spring.

We’re talking peeps, chocolate bunnies, and those pastel M&Ms that somehow taste better than the traditional ones!

For extra sweet Springtime dessert charcuterie board ideas, add a tiny Easter basket filled with jelly beans to the middle of your board!

Need More Home and Entertainment Inspiration?

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simple charcuterie board: Crate&Barrel

Now that you’re nice and full on the best charcuterie board ideas, you need to start planning some parties to show them off!

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Which of these charcuterie board ideas are you testing out first? Let us know in the comments below and share you results with us on Instagram @greenweddingshoes!