21 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the US

best honeymoon destinations in the US
photo: Clarisse Rae as seen in this cozy Joshua Tree Airstream session

Looking for the ultimate, most epic honeymoon destinations in the US? Here at GWS, we get to see SO MANY photos of epic US destinations, and we’ve pulled our absolute favorite spots to create the ultimate guide to honeymooning in the US.

We’ve included everything from deserts to mountains to cities, and everything in between. So no matter where your adventure takes you, our list of best honeymoon destinations in the US will make it an incredible trip.

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1. Explore the Rugged Cliffs of the California Coast with a Big Sur Honeymoon

The Best US Honeymoon Destination for Couples Who Love Dramatic Coastlines

Big Sur CA honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Bruna Kitchen Photography as seen in this stunning Big Sur elopement

The rugged, serene coastline of California is on its own level, but it’s particularly special in Big Sur. Once you spend a sunset watching the waves crash into the cliff sides, you’ll never want to leave.

Spend your honeymoon driving along the coast in Big Sur, seeing all the sights this rugged coast has to offer. Definitely make sure to drive on the iconic Bixby Bridge while you’re out there!

Looking for the perfect honeymoon crash pad in Big Sur? We’re loving this gorgeous stone house with oceanside views and this luxurious home with a pool, spa, and epic view of the Pacific.

2. Spend Your Honeymoon Exploring the Lush Greenery near Portland, Oregon

Forests that Breathe and Waterfalls For Daysssss

Portland Oregon waterfall honeymoon destination in the US
photo by Wild Earth Weddings as seen in this Waterfall Wedding editorial

The city of Portland is home to some of the US’s best craft coffee shops, beer, and truly incredible food (seriously, swing by Pine Street Market for a bite to eat and one of Portland’s countless donut shops for a sweet treat).

But what really makes Portland shine is the incredible nature surrounding the city. The areas surrounding Portland are home to some truly incredible waterfalls and hiking trails that are perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

And if you ask us, the best way to honeymoon in Portland is to stay in a whimsical treehouse!

3. Take Your US Honeymoon Adventures to the Deserts of Joshua Tree

The Best Honeymoon Destination if You Love the Expansive Peace of the Desert

Joshua Tree Airstream trailer honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Clarisse Rae as seen in this cozy Joshua Tree Airstream session

If you’re looking for the full desert experience on your honeymoon, Joshua Tree is a must-see spot.

What we particularly love about this honeymoon destination is that Joshua Tree and Palm Springs are only an hour away from each other, which means you get to visit two epic desert destinations in one trip!

Swing by Palm Springs for the colorful mid-century modern architecture. And for outdoors adventures, head into Joshua Tree National Park.

If you plan on honeymooning in this area, early spring and late fall are great times of year, since it won’t be scorching hot in the desert!

And if you need the ideal honeymoon lodging option, this modern desert dwelling is to die for! You might even be tempted to spend your honeymoon watching the sun set from the hot tub, indulging in the outdoor shower or spending late nights by the backyard fire pit.

4. See the Fall Colors on a Honeymoon in Aspen, Colorado

The Best Honeymoon Destination for Couples Who Love Dramatic Mountains and Epic Sunrises

Aspen CO honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Sheena Shahangian Photography as seen in this autumnal Maroon Bells mountain proposal

Aspen is one of Colorado’s most iconic towns and an absolute must-visit town if you’re in the state (there’s a reason it’s a celebrity hotspot after all!).

If you visit in the colder months, you’ll have access to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the US, but fall is really when Aspen shines. So if you’re planning a fall honeymoon in the US, look no further!

As the name implies, there are a ton of aspen trees in Aspen, and they are absolutely breathtaking in autumn. Yellows and oranges are everywhere, dotting mountain passes and alpine lakeshores.

If you want to see the fall colors on your honeymoon, we recommend visiting in the second half of September, as that’s when the colors tend to peak!

For lodging, we really love this beautiful, modern condo with hot tub and ski access.

5. Or Take Your Honeymoon to NYC and See All the City Sights

The Best Honeymoon Destination for Couples Who Love the Vibe of a Busy City (And Amazing Pizza!)

bridge in NYC to visit during your US honeymoon
photo by Jordan Voth as seen in our guide on personalizing your engagement photos

Do you and your partner love the city vibe? Why not take your US honeymoon trip over to the city that never sleeps?

Grab a slice at NYC’s many walk-up pizzerias. Stroll down the Brooklyn Bridge. Grab a taxi and just wander up and down Manhattan. Watch the sun rise and set from the windows of this gorgeous NYC apartment.

We could talk ALL DAY about the magic of New York City and how perfect it is as a honeymoon destination, but you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

6. Rent a Camper Van and Travel The Entire US On Your Honeymoon

The Perfect Honeymoon Idea for Couples Who Can’t Choose Just One Place

camper van traveling honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Dawn Photo as seen in this adorable retro VW elopement

Can’t decide on an epic honeymoon destination in the US? No worries! We LOVE the idea of renting a camper van and driving across the country. Who said honeymoons had to be limited to one location?!

The western US has so much open space and lots of campgrounds that make van life much easier, so head westbound and explore the wild landscapes on your epic US honeymoon adventure!

7. Take Your Honeymoon to the Ocean in Newport Beach, CA

The Perfect Honeymoon Spot For Couples Who Want the Ideal Beach Town Experience

couple enjoying their honeymoon in Newport Beach California USA
photo by Victoria Johansson as seen in this vintage sailboat engagement session

If you’re looking for the ultimate southern California experience, you’ll adore Newport Beach. We love the idea of renting out a sailboat and heading out to sea to experience the coastline from an entirely different perspective.

Bring some champagne and a picnic and experience everything the Pacific Ocean has to offer. Or enjoy takeout from the rooftop of this epic oceanside home that’ll make for the ideal place to stay on your beachside honeymoon.

8. Try Your Post-Wedding Luck in Las Vegas

The Best Honeymoon Destination in the US for the Couple Who Loves to Party and Entertain

Las Vegas US honeymoon
photo by Amberlight Collective as seen in this kitschy Vegas elopement

Eloping in Vegas is pretty iconic, but we LOVE the idea of honeymooning there too!

As I’m sure you know, Vegas is the go-to spot for casinos and nightlife, so if you and your partner love to entertain and be entertained, this is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the US for you!

Not to mention, the landscapes right outside of Vegas are also stunning. If you want to be blown away, Valley of Fire State Park is incredible, and well-worth the drive out of town.

9. Explore the Awe-Inspiring Granite Cliffs in Yosemite

The Best Honeymoon Destination in the US for Couples Who Want to Be in Awe of Nature

couple standing on the edge of a cliff in Yosemite, an epic honeymoon destination
photo by Mary Costa Photography as seen in this jaw-droppingly beautiful Yosemite proposal

Yosemite is hands-down one of the most iconic national parks in the US, and if you ask us, it’s also an incredible honeymoon destination. The great thing about Yosemite is how accessible it is: it attracts both experienced outdoors people and recreational travelers.

Relax in the meadows and watch the climbers summit El Capitan at night (it’s so cool seeing their headlamps shining as they climb!) or get up early and watch the sunrise at Glacier Point.

Yosemite has some of the most stunning views the US has to offer, and is totally worth adding to your list of epic honeymoon destinations!

If you’re able to snag a coveted campsite at one of Yosemite’s designated sites, be prepared for the most epic night under the stars. Looking for more luxurious honeymoon lodging? We love the cozy cabin vibes of this home, just 9 miles away from the valley floor.

10. Travel to Maui for the Ultimate Beachside Oasis

The Best Honeymoon Destination in the US for Sand and Sun

aerial photo of the beaches in Maui for US honeymoons
photo as seen in the GWS Maui Travel Guide

When we think of classic US honeymoon destinations, Maui totally comes to mind.

If sipping tropical cocktails on the beach, watching the waves crash upon the shore from the jacuzzi of your private beach house rental, and soaking up the sun while it sets over lush greenery-covered cliffs sounds nice to you, Maui is the perfect honeymoon spot. Pack your cutest swimsuit and book that flight!

Take surfing lessons or explore the forbidden coastline developed by the eruption of Mt. Haleakala. There are so many awesome adventures you can go on in Maui, making it hands-down one of the best honeymoon destinations in the US.

11. Honeymoon in the Epic Wilderness Near Anchorage, Alaska

The Ultimate Honeymoon Spot for Backcountry Wilderness Lovers

Hatcher Pass Anchorage Alaska honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Cassie Rosch as seen in this Alaska anniversary session

If you and your partner love the untamed wilderness, Alaska is for you. Stay in Anchorage and make the drive up Hatcher Pass for some of the most incredible mountain views you’ll ever see. Or visit Kenai Fjords National Park and take a kayak out on the freezing waters.

Alaska is absolutely breathtaking in the summer months, where you can see awe-inspiring glacial lakes and wildlife that have come out from their winter slumber.

Ready to take your honeymoon adventure to the next level? Rent a helicopter and see Alaska from above! Or spend your honeymoon experiencing nature from an epic mountain cabin.

12. Explore the Retro Beachside Vibes of Miami

The Best Honeymoon Destination in the US for Delicious Food, Incredible Coffee, and Beachside Adventures

Miami Florida honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Ashtyn Brooke Photo as seen in this epic Miami vow renewal

It goes without saying that Miami beaches are beautiful, but the Cuban influence also makes it a top honeymoon destination for couples looking for epic Cuban food and coffee.

Miami is also really well-known for its nightlife, so if you and your partner love the idea of partying on your honeymoon, this is an awesome destination.

If you’re looking for a cute, beach-style home to stay in when you’re honeymooning in Miami, you’ll absolutely fall head over heels for this adorable coastal-style villa with a private pool and hot tub.

13. Opt for the Complete At-Home Honeymoon Experience

Where You Can Be a Kid Again and Relax

couple enjoying an at-home honeymoon in the US
photo by Madeline Rose Photography Co as seen in our at-home honeymoon guide

Sometimes the best honeymoon destination is your own home! Rather than hitting the road, spend a week at home, forgetting all responsibilities and just being a kid again.

Grab some fairy lights, cozy blankets, some cute wine glasses, and an adorable self-care kit, and make a full week out of pampering yourselves. Want more info on planning the most epic at-home honeymoon? Check out our full staycation guide.

14. Plan a Desert Honeymoon in Santa Fe

The Perfect Honeymoon Destination for Artsy Couples

Santa Fe New Mexico awesome US honeymoon spot
photo as seen in our GWS Santa Fe, New Mexico Travel Guide

Santa Fe is such a fun and unique desert town, known for its art scene (with several art festivals and hundreds of galleries in town). But the town is also a great place for an adventurous honeymoon, too, with skiing and hiking located not too far a drive outside of town.

If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination that balances a relaxed, laid-back city with plenty of opportunities for exploring the outdoors, Santa Fe is a must see.

And you haaaaaave to book a stay at this absolutely adorable casita. Seriously, that wooden hot tub, lush outdoors entertaining space, and the cozy fireplace are too perfect. This spot is basically made for honeymoons!

15. Indulge in the Incredible Food, Drink and Music in New Orleans

An Eclectic Honeymoon Destination for Music Lovers

New Orleans Louisiana couple dancing on the sidewalk in an epic honeymoon destination in the US
photo by Hanna Pickle as seen in this moody, Victorian-inspired NOLA elopement

New Orleans is unlike any other city in the United States and it’s a truly unique honeymoon destination. It has Creole charm, incredible Jazz music (it’s actually considered the birthplace of Jazz!), and the most charming architecture.

And if you don’t swing by Cafe du Monde for some beignets, did you even really visit New Orleans?

If you’re looking for a stunning place to stay in NOLA, definitely book a room at the Ace Hotel New Orleans. Each Ace Hotel is built and designed to honor its location, and the Ace New Orleans is no exception.

Or, if you’re looking for a non-hotel stay, this charming little home near the French Quarter is a total beauty.

16. Experience the Otherworldly Landscapes of White Sands in New Mexico

For the Honeymooning Couple Looking for a Surreal Escape

couple adventuring in White Sands in New Mexico
photo by Kaley from Kansas as seen in this White Sands adventure session

White Sands National Park is essentially like the ultimate adult playground, with pristine white sand stretching as far as the eye can see. It’s the perfect US honeymoon destination if you’re looking to get away and find peace and quiet.

With New Mexico getting so many sunny days, there’s also a good chance you’ll come across an iconic sunset over the sand, with pastel colors lighting up the sky in the most beautiful way. Talk about the perfect way to spend your honeymoon!

17. Explore the Wonders of Death Valley National Park

The Best Honeymoon Destination in the US for Couples Looking to Break the Mold

desert honeymoon destination
photo by The Greatest Adventure Wed as seen in this starry Death Valley elopement

If you’re visiting Death Valley National Park for your honeymoon, you’re in for a total treat. This park is home to some of the most epic, wild landscapes in the US.

From salt flats to sand dunes to desert mountain ridges, Death Valley honestly feels like it’s part of another world. It’s wild, and makes for an ethereal and adventurous honeymoon destination.

18. Honeymoon Amongst the Greenery and Waterfalls of Chattanooga, Tennessee

And Explore All the Appalachian Mountains Have to Offer

couple standing at the base of a waterfall near Chattanooga Tennessee
photo by Magnolia + Ember as seen in our engagement inspiration guide

In case you didn’t know, the southeastern United States has some of the most beautiful, lush waterfalls in the country! Talk about a hidden gem of a honeymoon spot.

Chattanooga, TN is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and has some truly gorgeous sights for outdoors adventurers. Enjoy your honeymoon from this tiny blue cottage that’s within walking distance to beautiful hiking trails.

Nashville is also only a little over 2 hrs away, so we highly recommend visiting both Chattanooga and Nashville for a complete Tennessee experience.

Have your hiking adventures in Chattanooga and swing by Nashville for epic coffee shops, the best hot chicken you’ve ever eaten, and the country music that makes Nashville so famous!

19. Experience the Charm of Charleston, South Carolina

A Romantic Southern Honeymoon Getaway

Charleston South Carolina honeymoon destination
photo by Brooke Womack Photography

Colorful buildings. Stunning coastal architecture. The most gorgeous landscapes. Charleston, SC is a total dream of a honeymoon spot. If you want to experience southern charm, look no farther than this adorable coastal city.

And you absolutely HAVE to stay at this charming pink coastal home. WE. ARE. IN. LOVE.

20. Immerse Yourselves in the Slot Canyons and Desert Landscape of Page, Arizona

A Honeymoon Destination Where Desert Adventures Meet Luxury

couple exploring a slot canyon in Page Arizona
photo by Jonnie + Garrett as seen in this romantic slot canyon session

If you want a honeymoon destination that can involve both desert adventure and luxury, you’re going to want to look into Page, Arizona. It’s home to the stunning Lake Powell, where you can take helicopter tours to remote, inaccessible portions of the lakeside.

The town is also home to the iconic Antelope Canyon. And if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury lodging experience, you’ll want to book your stay at the incredible 5-star desert getaway: Amangiri. STUNNING.

21. Plan an Epic Waterfall Honeymoon at Havasu Falls in Arizona

The Best US Honeymoon Destination for Couples Looking for a Hike with Epic Rewards

Havasu Falls Arizona honeymoon destinations in the US
photo by Anni Graham as seen in this Havasu Falls Adventure Hike

We don’t know if there are words to describe how epic and stunning Havasu Falls in Arizona is. The sheer red-orange cliffs and vibrant aqua-colored waterfall pools are mesmerizing, and make for the most amazing honeymoon destination.

It’s a bit of a trek to get to these views, but if you and your partner are interested in some hiking or backpacking on your honeymoon trip, Havasu Falls is a must-see!

For details on where to stay when visiting Havasu Falls on your honeymoon, check out the Havasupai Lodge.

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