37 Cute Simple Engagement Rings for the Minimalist

white gold bezel set diamond simple engagement rings
simple diamond ring: Clean Origin

Calling all minimalists! If you (or your S.O.) live by the mantra “less is more,” then prepare to fall head over heels for these simple engagement rings!!

Chic, effortless, and totally timeless, simple engagement rings are made to be worn every day…for as long as you both shall live. They speak for themselves, and never go out of style. In other words, they’re the perfect rings for your forever love story!!

Keep scrolling for all our favorite simple engagement rings, from super minimalist finger candy to dainty diamond designs — plus a few expert tips for how to narrow it down to “the one!”

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Can an engagement ring be simple?

elegant gold multi-stone diamond simple engagement rings with small accent stones
elegant simple diamond ring: Catbird

One word: definitely! While we often hear about huge, over-the-top rings that max out on sparkles (celebrities, we’re looking at you!), there’s something so chic and sophisticated about simple engagement rings.

While they can still have that sparkly wow factor, simple engagement rings are all about understated designs, dainty details, and low-maintenance minimalist looks. The result? A timeless ring that will last as long as your love (aka, forever!).

Who are simple engagement rings best for?

distinct solitaire gold simple engagement rings
simple gold solitaire ring: ShopClementine on Etsy

Simple engagement rings are best for people with busy lifestyles or minimalist aesthetics who don’t want the fuss of a big and bold ring.

Simple rings are easy to wear (and clean!) every day and they won’t get in the way of your daily activities. Plus, they go with every outfit, and they never go out of style!

In other words, this is the perfect ring for someone who prefers an understated and timeless style to flashy bling — they love the classics, they always look effortless, and they know what they want. Proof that simple definitely doesn’t mean boring!

What precious metals are best for simple engagement rings?

solitaire diamond gold simple engagement rings with an elegant hidden halo
elegant simple gold ring: Brilliant Earth

While simple engagement rings can shine with any type of metal, there’s something about yellow gold that makes diamonds really stand out on an understated, minimalist band. It’s a classic combination, perfect for a classic (read: simple) ring!

(P.S. We’ve created an entire section on simple gold engagement rings below, so you can see what we mean!)

But shiny gold isn’t the only option! If you’re looking for a simple engagement ring that will keep up with your S.O.’s busy, active lifestyle, platinum may be the best choice. It’s super durable and long-lasting — definitely heirloom-worthy!

How much should you expect to spend on a simple engagement ring?

five-stone diamond gold simple engagement rings with small collection of stones
small, simple diamond rings: Catbird

Because they tend to have less accent stones and more minimalist designs, simple engagement rings are often less expensive than their mega watt counterparts. But, like all types of engagement rings, there are simple options for every budget! You can typically expect to spend around $150 for a budget-friendly design, and over $10,000 for something more luxe.

If you’re choosing a diamond center stone, this price will depend on the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat. The better the cut, the whiter the color, the higher the clarity, and the bigger the carat will all increase the price. But remember: when it comes to simple engagement rings, bigger isn’t always better!

The number of accent diamonds and the use of either mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, or other alternatives will also affect the final price tag. Here at GWS, we’re big fans of moissanite engagement bands — they’re more ethical and affordable, and they look just as stunning as mined stones!!

And no matter what stone (diamond or gem!) you go with, you can also splurge or save with the metal of the band. 14k gold will be the most affordable, while platinum will be the priciest.

The Best Places to Buy Simple Engagement Rings

small minimalist gold bezel set diamond simple engagement rings
simple bezel ring: MinimalVS on Etsy

So, where do you start? To kickstart your journey to finding your dream minimalist ring, here are our top three favorite places to buy simple engagement rings!

  • Catbird: From their famous Swan diamond rings to their beautiful minimalist gemstone styles, Catbird is leading the pack for stunning simple engagement rings! We also love that their studio uses 95% recycled gold and diamonds and is focused on creating swoon-worthy designs with the lowest environmental impact. Say less!
  • Etsy: For elegant and affordable simple engagement rings in every style, look no further than Etsy! With thousands of independent designers creating handcrafted minimalist rings, there’s truly something for everyone. Plus most of Etsy’s ring options can be customized with the metal and center stone of your choice!
  • Diamond Nexus: Another studio focused on sustainability (and AMAZING simple designs!), Diamond Nexus creates heirloom-quality alternative diamond engagement rings that are made to last a lifetime. We’re such big fans, we even created our own curated list of Diamond Nexus rings that we chose specifically for GWS couples!!

Now let’s get into the bling!

Simple Gold Engagement Rings

solitaire diamond hidden halo gold simple engagement rings
gold simple engagement ring: Keyzar

If you’re looking for a timeless, heirloom-quality design that’s dripping in glamour, then you’ve come to the right place!

Simple gold engagement rings scream luxury, with a rich gilded look and a design that doesn’t need any bells or whistles to stand out. Trust us, you can feel confident about getting down on one knee when you have one of these stunners on lock!

Whether you love the classics or are looking for something one-of-a-kind, we’ve rounded up the best of the best simple gold engagement rings right here.

1: Fairytale Simple Gold Engagement Ring

square diamond bezel-set gold simple engagement rings

There’s nothing like princess cut engagement bands to give your S.O. their happily ever after! We’re falling hard for this simple take on the romantic fairytale style. With a sleek gold bezel setting, this glittering stunner is definitely sweeping us off our feet!

Plus, there’s a little (sparkly) secret hidden in this simple gold engagement ring…you have to see it to believe it!!

Shop this Bezel-Set Gold Simple Ring

2: Classic Simple Gold Engagement Ring

elegant round cut diamond solitaire gold simple engagement rings

Perhaps the most timeless simple gold engagement ring on this list, this circular minimalist solitaire is clean, classic, and SO effortless. It’s proof that the best rings don’t need extra frills and sparkles to be completely show-stopping!

Another great reason to stick with the classics? They never go out of style.

Shop This Classic Minimalist Gold Simple Ring

3: Feather-Accented Simple Gold Engagement Ring

feather accent band gold simple engagement rings with round cut diamond

If you love the look of the classic round cut stone + golden band combo, but you still want a little somethin’ something’ to make it stand out, then let us introduce you to this simple gold engagement ring!

We’re suckers for a boho look — and with engraved feather accents, this distinct minimalist ring understood the assignment. Perfect for the free spirit in your life!!

Shop This Feather Accented Round Cut Gold Simple Ring

4: Magical Maroon Simple Gold Engagement Ring

red center stone dainty gold simple engagement rings with diamonds

One word: magical. This simple gold engagement ring is absolutely enchanting, from the romantic red center stone to the starry pavé diamonds. And the glimmering golden band is just the icing on the cake!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, this gold ring also comes in an all-diamond design that is simply to die for!

Shop This Magical Gold Simple Ring

5: Two-of-a-Kind Simple Gold Engagement Ring

distinct modern two-stone diamond gold simple engagement rings

If you were worried that simple gold engagement rings wouldn’t have enough wow factor, this minimalist, modern sparkler is here to prove otherwise!! Bold, sophisticated, and just the right amount of non-traditional, it’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Plus, there’s something so sweet about this modern two-stone style. It says, you + me, just the two of us, forever. Swoon!

Shop This Modern Two Stone Gold Simple Ring

Moissanite Toi Et Moi band

Simple but SO eye-catching, toi et moi engagement bands are a celebrity favorite for a reason! Don’t miss 29 of the prettiest modern styles here.

6: Leaf-Inspired Simple Gold Engagement Ring

distinct leaf shaped diamond gold simple engagement rings

Dotted with dainty marquise diamonds, this simple gold engagement ring is designed to look like a whimsical vine wrapping around your finger. Perfect for nature lovers who would rather rock something personal and original than a traditional style!

This leaf-inspired design also makes a great stacking ring, so you can combine it with other delicate bands or add a more traditional center stone to the mix. There are no wrong answers here!

Shop This Simple Gold Leaf-Inspired Ring

7: Shimmer + Shine Simple Gold Engagement Ring

round diamond dainty gold simple engagement rings

You might not want to look directly at this simple gold engagement ring — the shine is that bright! Hand-carved with brilliant gold, this delicate ring will light up any room.

Plus, all of the itty bitty stones gracing the sides are recycled brilliant cut diamonds. A win for sustainability AND sparkle!

Shop This Dainty Gold Simple Ring

Elegant Simple Engagement Rings

peach morganite multi-stone elegant simple engagement rings
elegant simple engagement ring: Capucinne

It goes without saying — all the best engagement rings have an aura of elegance. But, if you really want to take those chic + sophisticated + minimalist timeless vibes to the next level, these elegant simple engagement rings deliver!

With simple styles that are anything but boring, these elegant rings make a statement every time they walk into a room. They’re eye-catching, but not flashy, and they’ll look just as enchanting now as they will in 50 years.

Good luck narrowing these picks down to just one!

8: Elegant Marquise Simple Engagement Ring

marquise-cut solitaire diamond elegant simple engagement rings

There’s something about a marquise-cut diamond that oozes elegance. It stands out from the crowd of circles and squares — even with just a solitaire stone, like this elegant simple engagement ring!

We also can’t get enough of the setting of this romantic ring. Named after Bali, its prongs are designed to mimic a beautiful lotus flower. Obsessed!

Shop This Elegant Simple Marquise-Cut RIng

9: Dainty Elegant Simple Engagement Ring

small minimalist diamond elegant simple engagement rings

All the 5-star reviews don’t lie — this elegant simple engagement ring is a guaranteed stunner!

Handmade with three glittering diamonds on a delicate gold band, this is the kind of dainty, small ring that your soon-to-be-betrothed will never want to take off. We also love that it’s totally made-to-order and uses conflict-free diamonds!

Shop This Dainty Diamond Elegant Simple Ring

10: Teardrop Shaped Elegant Simple Engagement Ring

diamond teardrop gold elegant simple engagement rings

Part of Catbird’s famous collection of elegant simple engagement rings — gracefully named “The Swans”this teardrop stunner speaks for itself!

One of our favorite of all the swans (you’ll see a couple more below!), this one is designed to pair flawlessly with almost any style of band. That means it’ll shape shift with your personal style, mood, and era. Talk about a love that lasts a lifetime!

Shop This Diamond Elegant Simple Ring

11: Heirloom-Worthy Elegant Simple Engagement Ring

distinct gold pave diamond elegant simple engagement rings

This elegant simple engagement ring already feels like a priceless heirloom that’s been handed down for generations. One of VRAI’s signature styles, it channels all the elegance and glamour of a bygone era. When we say we’re obsessed, we are OBSESSED!

P.S. VRAI’s stones are the world’s first diamonds produced with zero carbon footprint. As if you needed more reasons to add this sparkly solitaire to your list!

Shop This Elegant Simple Diamond Ring

12: Nature-Inspired Elegant Simple Engagement Ring

twig-inspired gold round cut diamond elegant simple engagement rings

We LOVE the symbolism behind this nature-inspired elegant simple engagement ring. The delicate gold band is designed to resemble a twig, inspired by the idea of adding new branches to your family tree. We’re not crying, you are!

The dainty diamonds in the band also give this meaningful minimalist ring that extra little sparkle. You’re definitely going to want to bookmark this one!

Shop This Elegant Simple Twig Ring

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13: Compass-Inspired Elegant Simple Ring

compass classic round diamond elegant simple engagement rings

All arrows point to your love! With dainty diamonds marking north, south, east and west, this elegant simple engagement ring is modeled after a compass. Perfect for your favorite travel buddy (or the person who you never feel lost with).

Customize this one-of-a-kind minimalist ring with any metal of your choice — but we’re suckers for this rosy pink hue!

Shop This Elegant Compass-Inspired Simple Ring

14: Blossoming Elegant Simple Engagement Ring

flower-inspired gold diamond elegant simple engagement rings

Love surprising your other half with a bouquet of their favorite blooms? Up the ante with this flower-inspired engagement ring — and watch your love grow!

Definitely one of the most distinct + elegant simple engagement rings on this list, this diamond sparkler is designed with a special “petal” setting to resemble a flower that’ll never die. The romance of it all!

Shop This Flower-Inspired Elegant Simple Ring

15: Art Deco Elegant Simple Ring

gold Art Deco inspired baguette cut diamond elegant simple engagement rings

If you love the look of vintage engagement bands but don’t want the over-the-top vibes, you can stop scrolling now. Because this is the elegant simple engagement ring for you!

This Art Deco-inspired ring captures all the energy and elegance of the 1920s with clean, simple lines and five dainty baguette diamonds. One of the most popular styles of the era, this elegant ring will definitely withstand the test of time.

Shop This Elegant Baguette Simple Ring

Simple Diamond Engagement Rings

elegant gold round cut diamond simple engagement rings
simple diamond engagement ring: NirOliva on Etsy

They’re a classic for a reason! Sparkly and sophisticated, simple diamond engagement rings really do make such good best friends. Plus, there are so many different variations of the timeless style!

From simple solitaires to dreamy ensembles — plus a few lab-grown diamond alternatives — we’ve found something for everyone. No matter what style speaks to your love story, you can’t go wrong with one of these simple diamond engagement rings!

16: Hexagon Simple Diamond Engagement Ring

gold hexagon round cut diamond simple engagement rings

Solitaire diamond engagement rings may be simple + minimalist, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! This solitaire sparkler adds allure with a hexagon setting around the center stone. It’s modern and original, with an instant heirloom feel. And we’re totally obsessed!

Customize the diamond size and type of metal to make it your all own, and style it with this curved eternity band for the big day (yes, we’re already thinking ahead!).

Shop This Gold Hexagon Simple Diamond RIng

17: One-in-a-Trillion Simple Diamond Engagement Ring

gold trillion cut pave diamond simple engagement rings

Your love story isn’t like the trillions of others out there — and your simple diamond engagement ring shouldn’t be either!

With a trillion-cut center stone, this minimalist diamond ring will definitely stand out from the crowd. But, with a simple design and delicate pavé diamonds, it also won’t look over-the-top. Talk about the best of both worlds!

SHop This Simple Triangular diamond Ring

18: Celtic-Inspired Simple Diamond Engagement Ring

Celtic yellow gold small simple diamond engagement rings

Whether you (or your beloved) has Irish heritage or you’re just looking for a style that stands out, this Celtic-inspired simple diamond ring is a real stunner.

If you’re set on the simple + timeless solitaire style, you can still spice things up with the band. Just a delicate twist can make all the difference!

Shop This Celtic-Inspired Simple Diamond Ring

19: Simple Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

classic elegant solitaire diamond simple engagement rings

One of the best parts about simple diamond engagement rings? The center stone can have its time in the spotlight!

Case in point: this gorgeous solitaire ring. We seriously can’t take our eyes off of that diamond! Or, should we say diamond alternative, since this sparkler is actually made with Diamond Nexus’s patented lab-grown stones!

Shop This Simple Solitaire Diamond Ring

20: Celestial Small Diamond Engagement Ring

celestial-inspired gold diamond small simple engagement rings

Your love was written in the stars, and you need a forever ring that represents that! And we found just the simple diamond engagement ring for the job.

This celestial diamond ring uses the magical night sky as its inspiration, with an enchanting center stone that takes after a new moon and dazzling accent diamonds that are designed to echo the stars. Ethereal and romantic, just like your love story.

Shop This Celestial Simple Diamond Ring

21: Simple Diamond-Studded Arrangement

gold simple engagement rings with collection of round cut diamonds

We can’t get enough of this dainty diamond arrangement! Like a bouquet of flowers, this simple diamond engagement ring is endlessly romantic.

Want to up the romance factor even more? Engrave this multi-stone diamond ring with up to 25 characters. (Think: a sweet phrase, the date of your engagement, or your two initials!)

Shop This Simple Multi-Stone Diamond Ring

22: Stackable Simple Diamond Engagement Ring

recycled gold small symmetrical diamond simple engagement rings

With shimmering and shining diamonds that reflect the light, this simple diamond engagement ring definitely stands out on its own. But, with such a petite silhouette, this small, simple sparkler is also super stackable!

Perfect if you want to build up your finger candy over the years — just add on minimalist bands for your “I do’s,” milestone anniversaries, and beyond!

Shop This Small + Simple Diamond Ring

23: Modern + Simple Diamond Ring

modern elegant white gold multi-stone pave diamond simple engagement rings

A solitaire style feel a little ~too~ simple? Give your simple diamond engagement ring a little extra wattage by adding stones around the sides of the center diamond!

Inspired by a graceful swan (yup, this is another one of “The Swans”!), this elegant ring has no shortage of sparkle, with two side stones and 12 pavé set diamonds. Plus, the three diamonds in the center symbolize life’s past, present, and future. SO meaningful!!

Shop This Simple Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

24: Starry Regal Simple Diamond Ring

gold tracer small diamond simple engagement rings

This simple diamond engagement ring features a row of dazzling stones — kind of like a little crown for your finger!

With such a dainty design, this small golden minimalist ring would look gorgeous solo or paired up with another band. We love how it adds just the perfect amount of sparkle to every outfit!

Shop This Simple Diamond Tracer Ring

Minimalist Simple Engagement Rings

dainty celestial diamond minimalist simple engagement rings
minimalist simple engagement ring: NOOI on Etsy

When it comes to minimalist anything — and especially minimalist simple engagement rings — the style is in the simplicity!

These stunning rings stand out thanks to their understated styles, and they always look crisp, clean, and impossibly chic. Perfect for when you want something low-maintenance that still holds tons of meaning!

Scroll on to see our favorite styles for all the stylish minimalists out there.

25: Enchanting Minimalist Simple Engagement Ring

dainty white multi-stone minimalist simple engagement rings

We were enchanted to meet this minimalist simple engagement ring! With a mesmerizing center gem and four dainty diamonds, this little golden ring may be minimal, but it definitely doesn’t skimp on the charm.

For a simple engagement ring that feels as magical as your love, look no further than this one!

Shop This Minimalist Multi-stone Simple Ring

26: Minimalist Simple Bezel Set Engagement Ring

gold bezel set solitaire diamond minimalist simple engagement rings

This minimalist simple engagement ring is zero fuss, all vibes.

With a sleek bezel setting, you never have to worry about diamonds coming loose or prongs snagging your clothing. In other words, this bezel stunner is the perfect ring if you’re looking for something low-key but still stylish to go with a busy lifestyle!

Shop This Minimalist Simple Gold Ring

27: Delicate Minimalist Simple Ring

small round multi-stone diamond minimalist simple engagement rings

Alexa, play “Delicate” by Taylor Swift! Featuring teeny tiny diamonds dotting a dainty gold band, this minimalist simple engagement ring is sweet and delicate in all the best ways.

We’re also digging this simple ring‘s subtle Art Deco style — and the fact that you can swap out the center diamond with any stone of your choice!

Shop This Minimalist Simple Diamond Ring

solitaire green stone yellow gold bezel band

With super simple and delicate rings, getting the right size the first time is super important. Don’t miss our expert guide on how to measure ring size at home!

28: Luminous Minimalist Simple Engagement Ring

luminous dainty gold minimalist simple engagement rings with diamond accent

Such a modern + minimalist take on the pearlcore trend (our current fave!), this luminous ring isn’t supposed to look like every other engagement ring out there. And that’s what we love about it!

Proof that all it takes is a mesmerizing center stone and a dainty gold band to create a statement look.

Shop This Modern + Minimalist Simple Ring

29: Understated Minimalist Simple Ring

small round diamond minimalist simple engagement rings with gold band

Perfect for wearing every day, this golden minimalist simple engagement ring will never look out of place. The center diamond and 10 side stones dazzle without feeling flashy, and the petite band is pretty AND practical.

In other words, this simple gold ring is the definition of understated elegance!

Shop This Minimalist Simple Diamond Ring

30: Mosaic Minimalist Simple Ring

mosaic diamond minimalist simple engagement rings in gold

A minimalist simple engagement ring that still stands out? Sign us up!

Designed to be a mosaic of sparkle, this delicate ring features five brilliant diamonds, each a different shape and size. It’s unexpected, totally original, and the sweetest way to highlight your other half’s distinct special qualities!

Shop This Five-Stone Minimalist Engagement Ring

Small Simple Engagement Rings

minimalist gold small simple engagement rings with solitaire diamond
diamond small simple engagement ring: Jewelring Design on Etsy

Small simple engagement rings are here to prove that bigger isn’t always better!

Here at GWS, we’re big believers that choosing something personal and one-of-a-kind is always better than choosing something for the sake of a trend or tradition. And that’s why we’re so smitten with these dainty styles!

Unconventional and SO sweet, these small simple engagement rings really are something special. Quick disclaimer: they may cause you to swoon!!

31: Balanced East-West Small Simple Engagement Ring

gold east west style bezel-set diamond small simple bands

This small simple engagement ring is also about balance, symmetry, and sparkling clarity — which is also how we’d describe our relationship goals! The perfect modern ring for the perfect modern relationship, it has forever written all over it.

Plus, this dainty east-west design is part of a collection of matching jewelry, including a gold bezel necklace and simple stud earrings. All your future anniversary gifts are covered!!

Shop This Small Bezel-Set Simple Ring

32: Classy Sparkler Small Simple Engagement Ring

elegant gold baguette diamond small simple engagement rings

Featuring an ensemble of dreamy diamonds surrounded by glittering gold, this small engagement ring simply sings!

Designed by a former classical violinist, it’s definitely earned its name as the “Melody Ring.” Mostly because we can’t get it out of our heads!

Shop This Small Simple Baguette Diamond Ring

33: Minimalist Opalescent Small Simple Engagement Ring

luminous solitaire teardrop gold small simple engagement rings

If you love pear-shaped engagement bands as much as we do, then prepare to fall head over heels for this little minimalist gold teardrop ring! With a gem center stone and a sleek bezel setting, it looks totally one-of-a-kind. And what more can you ask for when it comes to your forever finger candy?!

As a bonus, you can swap that luminous stone with a different gem of your choice. Such a great way to give your dream ring a personal touch!

Shop This Small Teardrop Simple Ring

34: Handmade Multi-Diamond Small + Simple Ring

gold multi-stone diamond small simple engagement rings

Dripping in elegance, this small simple engagement ring is perfect for the most stylish and sophisticated babes. And for such a dainty diamond ring, it packs a whole lot of sparkle!

Plus, we love that this delicate stunner is handmade in Manhattan with conflict-free diamonds. It doesn’t get much classier or more luxurious than that!

P.S. Don’t miss the stunning matching band here!!

Shop This Elegant Small Simple Ring

35: Modern Golden Double Banded Small Simple Ring

gold split band small simple engagement rings

We’ve all heard the saying: “Big things come in small packages.” And this stunning small simple engagement ring has turned us into believers!

Despite its small frame, this modern ring is bold, sophisticated, minimalist, and totally original. If we’re also describing your other half right now, then congratulations — you may have found your forever ring!

Shop This Gold Split-Band Small Simple Ring

36: Zodiac-Inspired Small Simple Ring

zodiac constellation design gold diamond small simple engagement rings

We’re starstruck by this small simple engagement ring!! Designed in the shape of each zodiac sign’s constellation (the one pictured above is for cancers!), this celestial sparkler is guaranteed to be a perfect compatibility match.

We absolutely LOVE how personalized these zodiac sign rings are. Because let’s be honest, your love was written in the stars.

Shop This Constellation-Inspired Small Simple Ring

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elegant solitaire pave diamond simple engagement rings
simple diamond ring: Catbird

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