37 Best Mens Wedding Bands for the Stylish Guy

best mens wedding bands and rings
wedding band from Lolide

Guys, this one’s for you…we’ve rounded up the best mens wedding bands we could find. Because who says guys can’t look stylish too?! We get it, searching for mens wedding rings can certainly be a challenge. With so many different material options and so many styles, it can be tough to choose!

So in today’s guide to the best wedding bands for men, we’ve simplified the process. We’ve curated the ultimate shopping list, separated out by all of our favorite wedding ring materials (and why we love them!).

But before diving in, let’s answer some of your burning questions about finding the ultimate mens wedding rings.

How Much Are Mens Wedding Bands?

engraved gold mens wedding bands
mens wedding ring photo: Karly Jo Photography, as seen in this horse farm elopement inspiration

Wedding bands for men can range pretty wildly in price. The reality is, you can buy a silicone band for $20 or you can buy an 18K gold band for a couple thousand. We wholeheartedly encourage you to set aside industry averages and truly think about what feels right to you.

What are you comfortable spending on your wedding band? Your ring is a symbolic representation of your marriage, but it also doesn’t have to break the bank, either! Like anything in the wedding planning process, think about your budget when looking at band options.

We also recommend thinking about how price plays a role in how long your ring lasts. If a ring’s price seems too good to be true, what material is it made out of? How long will that material last?

And are you ultimately looking for a ring that lasts a lifetime or would you rather swap out for new styles as time passes. There are no wrong answers here! The right price for a mens wedding band is ultimately what prices feels right to you. And that answer will vary for everyone.

In this guide, we’ll share rings from various price points, so you can shop with confidence for the perfect fit.

How to Pick Mens Wedding Bands

groom wearing a gold crest wedding band on his ring finger
mens wedding ring photo: Katherine Ann Rose, as seen in this gorgeous downtown LA wedding

When choosing the perfect mens wedding ring, think about your unique style and what you want your ring to say about you. Engagement rings tend to get a lot of the attention, but we can’t forget that your wedding band is a ring you’ll wear every day…and it should reflect your unique personality.

When thinking about your style, do you like the glimmer of gold and silver? Or do you prefer the rustic look of a wood wedding band? Or perhaps the rugged and intense look of tungsten is more your vibe. There are so many unique mens wedding bands to choose from, but the first step is narrowing down the materials and styles you love.

From there, think about the lifestyle you lead. If you live an active life and plan on wearing your ring on your adventures, consider metals or materials that can handle bumps and scratches.

The more pure yellow gold gets, for example, the more susceptible it is to scratches. Similarly, wooden rings can be fragile as well. Meanwhile tungsten and titanium are some of the strongest materials you can choose for a wedding band. Which material you choose really depends on when and where you plan on wearing your wedding band.

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Mens Black Wedding Bands

mens black wedding bands sitting on a glittering blue backdrop
mens wedding ring photo: Rae Marshall Photography, as seen in this Star Wars themed wedding inspo

Ready to bring the mood?! Mens black wedding rings have a certain way about them. They feel equally mysterious, rugged, and classy.

While black is certainly a classic color, we love that these types of rings definitely stand out amongst the typical metal wedding ring choices guys are usually offered.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding bands for men that have a little bit of edge and a whole lot of character, these are the ones we’re obsessing over.

1: Raw + Textured Tungsten Mens Black Wedding Ring

raw tungsten mens black wedding band

This raw tungsten mens wedding band has a rugged and textured look to it, with a rich dark color and hints of a charcoal tone.

For the interior of the band, you have the option between white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, but we especially love the mix of cool color temps when the rough-edged tungsten is paired with white gold.

shop the raw tungsten black mens wedding ring

2: Tantalum Mens Black Wedding Ring with Satin Finish

satin finish tantalum mens black wedding band

This mens wedding band is all about the texture and finish. It takes on a very classic shape, with slight curves protruding outward along the edges, versus the more geometric cuts on ring #1.

But what really stands out to us is the material composition of this ring. It’s made of tantalum, an extremely sturdy and lightweight element commonly used in industrial settings, which makes this a great ring for the outdoorsman. Tantalum also doesn’t corrode easily, which means you’re buying a ring with staying power.

The ring has a charcoal-like black tone to it, and although it has a satin finish, we really like how you can see the texture as well.

shop the tantalum black mens wedding ring

3: Black Meteorite Mens Wedding Ring

Black meteorite wedding band for men

Okay guys, pay close attention, because you DO NOT want to scroll past this black wedding band.

Not only is the design of this ring other-worldly – I mean, it includes authentic meteorite! The band is made from a sandblasted, tungsten core, which creates a comfortable finish for the design. Cool fact about this ring? Some of the stone fragments are around 4 billion years old!

shop this black meteorite mens band

4: Rose Gold Engraved Black Wedding Band for Men

tungsten with rose gold inlay and inner band mens black wedding ring

We love the contrast between the warm and romantic rose gold engraved strip on this ring with the black-as-night tungsten that makes up this mens wedding band exterior.

It’s like the meeting of modern with traditional, and we can’t help but admire the look.

shop the rose gold engraved black wedding band for men

5: Unique Olive Wood + Carbon Fiber Mens Wedding Ring

olive wood and carbon fiber black wedding band for men

Not only is this mens wedding ring gorgeous, but it’s a total steal! The interior is olive wood, but the exterior (where scratches are more likely to occur!) is made of carbon fiber, which knows how to hold its own.

This ring is essentially the best of both worlds. You get the gorgeous look of olive wood, with its striking patterns, without sacrificing durability because of the carbon fiber exterior.

shop the unique olive wood + carbon fiber wedding band

Mens White Gold Wedding Bands

flat lay image with neutral florals of mens white gold wedding bands
photo of white gold mens wedding band: Anna Delores Photography, as seen in this modern al fresco wedding.

Love the look of a cool-toned ring? White gold might just be the perfect option! White gold has a silver look to it, but it’s a more durable substance, making it a better fit than silver for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

We love the versatility of white gold. It pairs well with all types of clothings and styles, given its neutral tone. And it’s a classic look that’ll never go out of style.

6: Custom Fingerprint White Gold Mens Wedding Bands

unique personalized fingerprint mens white gold wedding bands

This custom white gold fingerprint wedding band for men is quite possibly one of the most interesting designs we’ve seen.

We really like how the fingerprint provides a textured and almost vintage look to the white gold, which has a tendency to have a more modern look.

shop the custom fingerprint white gold wedding ring

7: Classic Brushed White Gold Wedding Bands for Men

flat brushed white gold mens wedding bands

This white gold mens wedding ring has clean, sharp, angular edges and a flat brushed design that makes this ring sleek and classic in its design. It’s perfect for the guy who wants to keep things simple, but still wants to make a statement with his wedding band.

shop the classic flat brushed mens white gold wedding band

8: Beveled Edge Matte White Gold Band

beveled edge mens white gold wedding ring with matte finish

Crafted with 18K white gold, this sleek mens wedding band is a truly handsome choice. We love how the beveled edges have a polished look that contrasts the matte brushed look of the center of the band. The framing is just gorgeous.

shop the beveled edge white gold ring

9: Unique White Gold Mens Wedding Ring with Engraved Volcano

unique mens white gold wedding band with volcanoes engraved on it

This one’s for the geology lovers out there! Want a ring that’s basically an engraved work of art and has epic volcanoes surrounding it? This mens white gold wedding band is what you’ve been waiting for.

shop the unique mens volcano wedding band

10: Unique Hammered White Gold Mens Wedding Band

hammered mens white gold wedding ring

How beautiful is this hammered mens wedding band?! We love the rustic and brushed look of the hammered metal against the sleek and polished white gold interior of the ring. Such a unique mens wedding band design.

shop the unique hammered white gold mens wedding band

Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

unique mens tungsten wedding bands with white dragons engraved on them
tungsten wedding bands for men: Veil Jewelers

Tungsten is one of the sturdiest, most durable materials you can use for a mens wedding band (it’s quite literally the strongest metal on Earth). Needless to say, tungsten rings are built to last.

If you plan on wearing your wedding ring to the gym, in the great outdoors, at construction sites, or really anywhere you’re working with your hands, tungsten is an excellent choice. Plus, these types of rings also look incredibly cool too.

11: Meteorite Exterior + Tungsten Interior Wedding Band for Men

meteorite and tungsten mens wedding bands

We love the pairing of meteorite and tungsten on this mens wedding band. The space grey and jet black make the perfect moody pairing for an out-of-this-world vibe. We personally can’t get over the unique markings and pattern of meteorites. Beyond cool.

shop the meteorite + tungsten mens wedding ring

12: Deer Antler Inlay Mens Tungsten Wedding Ring

mens tungsten wedding ring with deer antler inlay

This one’s for the hunters: a beveled edge tungsten wedding band with a deer antler inlay. The deer antlers give an earthy look to the stark black of the tungsten on this mens wedding band for a pairing that packs the contrast.

shop the deer antlers + tungsten mens wedding ring

13: Charcoal Brushed Tungsten + Meteorite Mens Wedding Ring

meteorite and brushed charcoal tone mens tungsten band

While also a meteorite and tungsten band, this ring is a bit different than ring #11. This one sports a dark meteorite inlay with a three dimensional character about it.

And the tungsten on this mens wedding band is a brushed matte charcoal color. We’re kind of obsessed.

shop the charcoal brushed tungsten + meteorite wedding ring

14: Unique Mens Tungsten Wedding Band with Computer Circuit Engraving

black diamond and tungsten wedding bands for men with computer circuit engraving design

This tech-inspired black diamond and tungsten wedding ring is truly unlike anything else. It pairs a center band of round cut diamonds black-as-night with white engravings that mimic the look of a computer circuit. Such a unique mens wedding band, right?!

shop the mens tungsten wedding ring with computer circuit engraving

15: Unique Engraved Country Tungsten Mens Wedding Ring

country engraved on unique mens tungsten wedding bands

What a fun way to honor the country where you’re from or where your partner is from. You can get this stunning beveled edge tungsten ring with a country engraved on the band (you just message the seller with any custom imagery you’d like!). A truly unique and personalized mens wedding band design.

shop the engraved country tungsten mens wedding ring

16: Woodsy Vibes Whiskey Barrel + Tungsten Wedding Rings

whiskey barrel and forest engraved mens tungsten wedding ring

The perfect ring for the whiskey loving outdoorsman. That’s the best way we can describe these stunning tungsten mens wedding bands.

The interior of the ring is made of whiskey barrel wood. And the exterior is a flat brushed tungsten with a gorgeous grey toned forest engraved on it.

shop the woodsy whiskey barrel + tungsten mens wedding ring

Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands

hammered rose gold mens wedding bands
mens rose gold wedding band photo: Carlie Statsky, as seen in this redwood grove inspired wedding

Wedding rings are all about romance, and there’s no better ring to give off a romantic vibe than rose gold mens wedding bands.

We love the warm and rich color that this metal evokes. Whereas white gold has a cooler tone, rose gold has more of a sunset vibe. And if you love the look, we have a feeling you’ll be absolutely head over heels for these rose gold wedding bands for men.

17: Meteorite + Rose Gold Mens Wedding Bands

meteorite and textured rose gold mens wedding bands

We cannot get over the stunning juxtaposition between the dark meteorite inlay and the textured exterior of the rose gold band.

This miiiiiight just be one of our favorite mens wedding bands on this list. It’s just so full of texture, and the perfect mix of warm and cold color temperatures.

shop the meteorite and rose gold mens wedding rings

18: Classic Brushed Inlay Rose Gold Wedding Ring

brushed rose gold mens wedding ring

If you appreciate a classic style mens wedding band, this rose gold ring totally fits the bill. The edges are polished and glimmering, while the inlay is a more brushed matte texture. So romantic!

shop the brushed inlay rose gold mens wedding band

19: Delicate Hand Engraved Rose Gold Mens Wedding Ring

delicate hand engraved floral inspired rose gold mens wedding ring

Sometimes simple is best.. Aaaaand then sometimes you come across a stunning hand engraved rose gold mens wedding band with the most intricate detailing and you can’t help but fall in love. That’s basically the story with this wedding ring.

The nature-inspired flourishes and milgrain detailing immediately draw you in, and the rose gold serves as the ultimate canvas for the design.

shop the hand engraved rose gold mens wedding band

20: Mixed Metal Rose Gold Mens Wedding Ring

mixed metal rose gold mens wedding ring

Love the warm look of rose gold but want your ring to have some cool tones as well? This mixed metal mens wedding band hits the nail on the head.

You have the romantic rose gold on the interior and a silvery white brushed look on the exterior.

shop the mixed metal rose gold mens wedding ring

21: Damascus Steel Mens Wedding Ring with Rose Gold Inlay

Damascus steel wedding ring for men with rose gold inlay

Ooooh do we adore the organic pattern and design of Damascus steel. It makes for a seriously stunning mens wedding band design, especially with that beautiful rose gold inlay making a warm cut into the cold steel exterior.

shop the steel + rose gold mens wedding band

Mens Wood Wedding Bands

dark mens wood wedding bands with copper inlay
copper inlay mens wood wedding bands: Mouse Official

We love how mens wood wedding bands have grown in popularity so much over the past few years. Traditionally, these rings were viewed as more rustic, but they can also look modern as well.

Mens wood wedding bands are able to be easily customized for a unique look, either with engravings, selecting woods from your favorite whiskey barrels, or through customized inlays. There are so many ways to make a wood ring your own.

22: Concrete and Eucalyptus Mens Wood Wedding Ring

concrete and eucalyptus wood mens wedding ring

We love the mix of ultra modern and woodsy vibes with this concrete and eucalyptus mens wood wedding band. The eucalyptus wood adds an organic outdoorsy feel to the band and the texture in the concrete is a super unique touch to this band. It kind of reminds us of terrazzo!

shop the concrete + eucalyptus mens wedding band

23: Custom Engraved Mens Wood Wedding Ring

custom engraved mens wood wedding bands

We love the idea of engraving your wedding band with something important. Wether it’s your wedding date, you and your partner’s initials, or a personalized note, these wood rings could not be the more perfect canvas.

The engraving pairs beautifully with the texture bands of the desert ironwood. Such a dreamy look.

shop the custom engraved mens wood wedding band

24: Real Juniper and Birch Bark Wedding Band

real juniper and birch tree bark wood wedding bands for men

If we’re talking unique mens wedding bands, this ring hits the jackpot. Birch bark and real juniper are encased in a resin to make this stunningly distinct wedding band. This ring definitely feels like art, and it’s a pretty epic way to admire a little slice of nature every day.

We love this mens wedding ring for anyone getting married in the great outdoors, especially if you’re planning a wedding in the forest.

shop the juniper + birch bark mens wedding ring

25: Minimalist Mens Walnut Wedding Ring

walnut mens wood wedding ring

Walnut wood is commonly used in Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces, and we love its use in this mens wedding band. It brings a warm yet modern feel to the ring’s design.

The ring is simple, with no extra frills. Which really allows the texture and detail of the wood itself to be the real focal point.

shop the modern walnut mens wedding band

26: Walnut Mens Wedding Ring with Copper Inlay

walnut mens wood wedding ring with copper inlay

Like ring #25, this wedding band is also made of walnut wood. But to add a little extra shine, it also contains a copper inlay as well. The inlay adds more of a rustic touch to it, especially with how warm both the copper and walnut are when paired together.

shop the copper + walnut wedding band

Gold Mens Wedding Bands

gold mens wedding band sitting beside orange flowers
mens gold wedding band photo: the Poffs, as seen in this old world meets modern San Francisco wedding

When it comes to mens wedding bands, gold is a classic metal you can’t possibly go wrong with. It has a brilliant yet clean look to it that we can’t help but fall in love with.

And it manages to work with so many different ring styles, whether you want something more modern or more traditional. These are the gold mens wedding bands we just can’t get over.

27: Minimalist + Modern Gold Mens Wedding Ring

gender neutral wedding bands lolilde

All LOLiDE rings are designed and created one at a time by Lori Linkous Devine in her studio in Seattle from 100% recycled metals and ethically sourced gems. Her work focuses on clean, minimalist design with just a little edge. Choose from a myriad of contemporary pieces in her collection or work with her directly to make it uniquely yours..

shop this wedding band

28: Classic Matte Mens Wedding Ring

matte classic yellow gold mens wedding ring

This yellow gold mens wedding band is classic in every way. You have the traditional slight outward curve around the edges. No frills, but that’s part of what makes this style so classic.

We do love the matte look though. Definitely adds a modern touch to an otherwise traditional style.

shop the classic matte yellow gold mens wedding ring

29: Unique Textured Yellow Gold Mens Wedding Bands

unique textured yellow gold mens wedding bands

Oh my goodness, how stunning are these textured yellow gold mens wedding bands?! We love that they somewhat resemble hammered metal, but also have their own organic and unexpected dips and curves. The handcrafted nature of these rings also means you’re getting a ring with one-of-a-kind texture.

shop the unique textured yellow gold mens wedding bands

30: Braided Chevron Gold Wedding Ring for Men

braided chevron 18K yellow gold wedding band

This 18K yellow gold mens wedding band is a total show-stopper. We love the way the chevron pattern has a braided 3D quality to it. It feels so unique and different than any other mens wedding rings we’ve ever seen.

If you want a band with a complex and intricate design, you’ve met your match. We could stare at this beauty all dang day.

shop the braided chevron gold mens wedding band

31: Unique Black Rhodium + Gold Mountain Engraved Wedding Ring

unique gold mens wedding ring with mountain engraving

This ring has gorgeous mountains engraved in a yellow gold band with a black rhodium plated sky.

The rhodium plating has a distinct texture to it that gives depth to the night sky portion of the ring and pairs beautifully with the polished and glimmering gold of the rolling hills and mountains.

shop the unique engraved mountain mens wedding band

32: Unique Art Deco Style Forged Carbon and Gold Wedding Ring

forged carbon and 18K yellow gold Art Deco style mens wedding ring

The forged carbon contrasted against the Art Deco yellow gold pattern on this ring immediately caught our eye. It’s beyond cool.

We really like the way these two tones work so well with each other, with the 18K yellow gold having a luxurious and glamorous feel and the carbon being more intense and modern.

shop the Art Deco forged carbon and gold unique mens wedding band

Hammered Mens Wedding Bands

hammered mens wedding bands with meteorite inlay
gold hammered mens wedding band photo: June Photo & Films, as seen in this modern monochrome wedding inspiration

Hammered mens wedding bands have become more and more popular these days, and we could not love this trend more. Frankly, we don’t see it ever going out of style.

The hammered look makes your ring feel hand crafted and textured in a way that a polished design can’t quite do. It can feel rustic or elevated or modern. Either way, we love.

33: Modern White Gold Hammered Wedding Ring for Men

modern 18K white gold hammered mens wedding band

This beautiful band is definitely one of the more modern hammered wedding rings for men. The hammered white gold is meant to imitate the ripples and waves in water, and the cool tone of the white gold really adds to that calming vibe.

We especially like how this hammered design is different than most, spanning the entire height of the band rather than creating a collection of edges. It’s a unique take on the classic hammered look.

shop the white gold hammered mens wedding band

34: Matte Gold Hammered Wedding Ring for Men

matte 18K yellow gold hammered mens wedding ring

The vibe of this hammered band is kind of the opposite of ring #33 above. It made of 18K yellow gold, giving off a warm feeling, whereas the other ring has a cooler tone.

And this wedding ring has a plethora of hammered sections spanning both the height and width of the band, giving a sort of disco ball aura. But while the hammered designs of each of these mens wedding bands is so different, we can’t help but swoon over both equally.

shop the matte gold hammered mens wedding band

35: Lightweight Hammered Titanium Wedding Ring

silver color titanium hammered mens wedding ring

Like tungsten, titanium is an extremely strong and durable material for mens wedding bands. But it’s also lightweight too.

That’s reason enough for us to love this hammered mens wedding band, but can we talk about this hammered design for a sec?! The hand cut engravings on this ring feel organic and truly unique. We can’t get enough.

shop the titanium mens wedding band

36: Matte Hammered Black Tungsten Wedding Ring for Men

black tungsten hammered wedding bands for men

You can probably already tell, but we’re huge fans of tungsten. Not only is it such a cool looking material for mens wedding bands, but it’s also extremely durable.

And we love this use of tungsten, with a beautifully hammered band that looks both elegant and manly.

shop the matte hammered tungsten wedding band for men

37: Brushed Tungsten + Rose Gold Hammered Wedding Ring for Men

brushed tungsten and rose gold hammered wedding band for men

What a unique take on the tungsten mens wedding band. We love the rose gold tone of the brushed and hammered tungsten. And the rose gold inlay really doubles down on those beautiful rosey colors. To die for.

shop the tungsten + rose gold wedding band for men

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