Where to Buy Dried Flowers and What You Need to Know About Them

where to buy dried flowers online - bouquets of dried florals sitting in vases on a mantle

We are completely smitten with dried flowers over here at Green Wedding Shoes. With all the dried flower arrangements we’ve featured in weddings on GWS, it’s no wonder the trend is making way into our homes! Of course, where to buy dried flowers is the number one question, but there’s more to know beyond that.

Dried flowers look great in every season — and last just as long, too.

In this guide, we’re sharing all the details you need to know about where to buy dried flowers, how to craft your own dried flower bouquet, and how to care for your arrangement so it lasts as long as possible.

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Do Florists Sell Dried Flowers?

Where to Buy Dried Flowers

boho style dried flower arrangement sitting sitting in a vase
photo: @nikau.flora

Many florists actually sell dried flowers and can craft a dried flower bouquet for you, as can flower farms!

If you want to buy a stunning dried flower bouquet, but aren’t quite sure how to put your own together, contacting a florist or buying your dried flower bouquet online is a great alternative!

Follow your local florist on social media and contact them to see what dried flowers or dried flower arrangements they might have available.

We’ve also curated and shared our favorite dried floral stems and bouquets in this guide, so you can find your dream arrangement easily.

Which Flowers Look Best Dried?

How to Choose the Best Stems For Your Dried Flower Bouquet or Arrangement

pampas grass dried flower arrangements sitting on a bedside table by a window
photo: @my.burleigh.reno

When searching for the best flowers to buy, flowers with tight petals dry very well. Sturdier florals will also be less susceptible to losing leaves or petals, which makes eucalyptus such a gem!

Some of our favorite dried flowers are baby’s breath, dried palms, pampas grass, and dried lavender bunches. We love the boho look all these flowers can give to a dried flower bouquet.

How Long Will Dried Flowers Last?

The Typical Lifetime of Your Dried Flower Bouquet

selection of dried flowers and dried flower bouquets placed in a collection on a shelf
photo: @rawsunshinecoast

Dried flowers last an average of one year. The color of your dried flower arrangements will naturally fade over time, so if you buy dried flowers that have also been dyed, they will last even longer.

We love the idea of keeping dried flowers as a keepsake, too. This is perfect for wedding bouquets or other special occasion flowers you want to remember!

How Do You Take Care of Dried Flower Arrangements?

How to Ensure Your Dried Flowers Last Longer

There isn’t much that goes into taking care of dried flowers! Keeping them from direct sunlight (which can fade the color of your dried flower bouquet) and away from humidity will make them last longer.

If they aren’t already preserved, you can buy a protectant preservation spray to apply to your dried florals as well (just make sure to do this outside, as the fumes can be intense!).

Dried flowers are often delicate, so handle your arrangement with care. Place it in an area of your home where it won’t get bumped or knocked over. The older the stems get, the more delicate they can become!

Your dried flower bouquet may need occasional dusting with a dry cloth or a quick hairdryer blast. Other than that, you’re good!

Are Dried Flowers Better for the Environment?

The Sustainability Perks of Dried Blooms

warm neutral tablescape dressed up with dried flowers and delicate bouquet arrangements
photo: Evangeline Lane | dried flower arrangements: Best Day Ever Floral Design as seen on GWS in this Burnt Sienna Editorial

Yes, buying dried flowers is a great sustainable option! Many fresh flower offerings are grown abroad and leave behind a large carbon footprint.

Dried flowers are 100% natural and biodegradable (unlike faux) — not to mention less wasteful — as dried flower arrangements last much longer than fresh cuts’ 10-day-average lifespan. Dried flowers are the perfect sustainable option.

How Can I Dry Flowers at Home?

Making Your Own DIY Bouquet

If you want to DIY your dried flower bouquet instead of buying one that’s been designed beforehand, all you need are flowers, string, and time! Bunch up the stems and hang them upside down in a dry, dark area for 2-3 weeks.

Pro tip: hair spray can actually be used to preserve your dried flower arrangements. Don’t go too crazy with it, though!

For a thorough how-to guide on creating your own dried flower arrangements, here’s a great resource.

Where to Buy Dried Flowers Online

Dried Stems from AFLORAL

Our Afloral Dried Flower Picks: Pack of 10 Preserved Taupe Fern Leaves $20 // Preserved Spiral Eucalyptus $28 // Pack of 5 Natural Sun Palms in Sunset Colors $24

Where to Buy Dried Flowers from Afloral

If you’re looking for where to buy dried flowers online, look no further than Afloral. They have some of the most stunning statement floral stems, and we cannot get enough of them!

They have everything from this delicate dusty blue dried pampas grass trio to these whimsical lavender billy buttons (so fun!). Afloral’s selection is perfect for a romantic or boho dried flower bouquet.

Whether you need dried flower arrangements for your wedding or just for home, their selection is one of our favorites.

Dried + Preserved Plants from Terrain

Our Terrain Dried Flower Picks: Preserved Blush Star Grass $20 // Dried Yarrow Bunch $28 // Bleached Cara Blossom Bunch $38

Where to Buy Dried Flowers at Terrain

Terrain has some truly unique dried flower options. If you’re wanting to buy florals that really make a statement, you’ll adore their collection!

They’ve curated a gorgeous collection of very unexpected dried flower arrangements, like their dried pampas that comes in different tints and this preserved papaver bunch that gives off a playful, yet elegant vibe.

Preserved + Dried Flower Arrangements from Anthropologie

Our Anthropologie Dried Flower Picks: Dried Valentina Bouquet $36 // Dried Palm Bouquet $36 // Dried Phoebe Bouquet $28

Where to Buy Dried Flowers at Anthropologie

It’s no secret that we love Anthro, and holy cow are their dried floral arrangements STUNNING. In true Anthropologie fashion, they’re whimsical, colorful, and give off all the feel-good vibes.

Dried Flowers + Plants from West Elm

Our West Elm Dried Flower Picks: Dried Eucalyptus Bundle $20.50 // Dried Lavender Stem Bunch $15.50 // Dried Night Harvest Bouquet $40.50

Where to Buy Dried Flowers at West Elm

West Elm may be known for its cute mid-century modern home decor, but they also happen to have some truly gorgeous dried flower bouquets and stems.

For a more minimalist look for your dried flower bouquet, opt for a single neutral color palette for your stems. For an earthy, neutral arrangement, we love the trio of this dried pampas grass with this delicate dried flax brush for volume and these gorgeous stemmed dried mushrooms for a statement accent.

When it comes to buying dried florals, we love the idea of choosing at least one statement flower type, and two that accent and can add some volume.

West Elm also has some gorgeous dried flower bouquets pre-made and ready to buy! We personally love this dried golden eucalyptus bouquet. It’s giving us all the cozy, boho vibes!

Dried Flowers from Etsy

Our Etsy Dried Flower Picks: Heather Bouquet $10.85 // Peach Pampas Grass Centerpiece $70.14 // Dried Eucalyptus Bouquet $27.36+ // Cream White Bouquet $43.15 // Large Pampas Grass Plumes $69.60+ // The Pampas and Prairie Bouquet $23.22+

Where to Buy Dried Flowers on Etsy

We all know and love Etsy for its stunning handcrafted goods, so it’s no surprise that they have some of the prettiest dried flower arrangements and bouquets you can buy!

Shopping for your dried florals on Etsy is also an awesome way to support small business, too!

Share Your Dried Flower Arrangements With Us

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colorful dried flower bouquet
photo: Autumn Marie Photography | dried flower bouquet: Flower Disco as seen in this disco-vibe Lake Tahoe wedding inspo with dried flower installations

We can’t wait to see your gorgeous dried flower creations. Whether you’re buying a dried flower bouquet or DIY-ing it, share your photos with GWS on Instagram and use the hashtag #GWSdriedflowers. We can’t wait to see!