Wedding Koozies Your Guests Will Love

custom wedding koozie favorAs you plan for your big day, there are probably a hundred different things on your to-do list that need to be accomplished fast. From picking out the perfect wedding dress to attending regular fittings, picking out a venue, and cake testing, there is just so much to do that the best of planners tend to get a little overwhelmed. If you’re feeling a little lost or confused about what perfectly created wedding welcome bags contain, you’re at the right place! No welcome bag or wedding favor is complete without wedding koozies, custom-designed to match your decor and wedding colors! Read on to find out why wedding koozies are a must-have for any welcome bag!

{retro drink koozies above found here}

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What are Wedding Koozies?

Wedding koozies are the perfect way to keep your drinks fresh and cold at the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even the wedding day. A koozie works effectively in keeping your drinks cold by stopping any condensation from forming on the champagne bottle or beer can. Since condensation forms when your cold drinks meet humid air conditions, it can cause a sudden increase in the drink’s temperature. This results in bland, off-tasting drinks, which can surely put a damper on your wedding festivities!

By using custom wedding koozies as your wedding favors, you offer your guests well-designed yet functional drink sleeves. These koozies are made of fabric-like foam or rubber, making them perfect for insulation to keep your drinks cold as the party carries on well into the night!

Why Wedding Koozies are the Perfect Wedding Favors

wedding koozies for welcome bag

Wedding Koozies above from Love Mia Co.


1. They Add a Lovely Accent to Wedding Decorations

The best part about a wedding koozie is that they can coordinate perfectly with the color scheme and general feel of your big day. They add the perfect accent of color to your wedding favors, and you can even bring in a touch of humor or good feel using different phrases like;

  • To have and to hold, and to keep your beer cold
  • Love, laughter, and happily ever after
  • Something old, something new, something from us to hold your brew

Or you can get your and your partner’s initials intertwined with elegant calligraphy for a stunning look.


2. Custom Wedding Koozies are a fun Detail for Your Day!

wedding koozie for a wedding favorCustomizable Koozie above found here

One of the most fun things about wedding koozies is that they are fully customizable to your exact requirements. From the material used and size of the koozie to the color scheme, design, and any detailing on the cover, you can easily create your perfect wedding koozies. Guests love leaving a wedding with personalized favors to remember the day by.

3. They Can Be Used on the Wedding Day

bride wedding koozie

The Bride Koozie found here

Who doesn’t love a party favor that can be taken out and used right away? Your guests and loved ones will be able to take out the koozie and use it right away to keep their drinks and beer cans icy cold. Not only will it look great in the wedding pictures, but it’ll also be the perfect way to keep dancing the night away without worrying about your drinks getting spoiled!

A few of our favorite custom wedding koozies

bride and groom wedding koozies

These The Bride and The Groom koozies are a fun detail for your day!

personalized wedding koozies

This custom koozie design is the perfect elegant touch for your day. You can customize from lots of colors to match your wedding colors!


custom wedding koozies with state

Looking for a more personalized koozie to show where your love started? These custom state koozies might be perfect!

floral wedding koozies

We love this floral koozie for the couple that wants a more elegant koozie that will for sure be used again! They have a bunch of cute floral designs to select from and we love their color options!

custom wedding koozies

If you are looking for a koozie with your names and dates, these designs by Sycamore Studios are more of our faves!