49 Best Bridal Headbands for Your Wedding Day

best bridal headbands
headband: Christie Nicole Bridal

The bridal headband is very nearly the perfect wedding accessory. At once fashionable, functional, and fun, this is one trending look that will stand the test of time. For the modern bride, a headband keeps the tradition of a bridal headpiece but in a contemporary and fashion-forward way.

Until 2018, the headband had been quietly waiting in the wings for a resurgence. And then Prada sent bejeweled headbands down the runway during Fashion Week, confirming the trend was on its way back. Fashion editors took note. Meanwhile, stay-at-home orders had us reaching for the perfect Zoom accessory—a quick way to look polished and chic.

In just a few short years, the modern headband is more design-focused and chic than ever. And it is beloved by brides, designers, and hairstylists alike! Plus, you can wear it again and again. How fun would it be to rock your bridal headband every anniversary?

We’ve got your guide to the best bridal headbands and where to buy them below. But first, let’s cover a few FAQs.

Bridal veil with headbands: can you pair them up?

photog: Renni Maitland Photography bride: Alysha Sweet  headwear: A’el Este gown+ veil: The Bride Lab

One word: absolutely! Often, bridal veils and headbands go hand in hand. You don’t have to have both but there is no harm in the perfect pair. It’s certainly not unheard of (and still looks totally stylish) to wear a bridal veil with headbands at the ceremony and then remove the veil for the reception.

photographer: Vanessa Marie Photography planner: Andi Schilawski with Musa Weddings dress: Reem Acra Wedding from Elizabeth Johns Couture headband: Victoria Percival Accessories hair: Mane Bridal makeup: Victoria Roggio Beauty, Dominique + Noel Pirolli

How should you wear your hair with a headband?

where to buy bridal headbands
photo: BHLDN headband: Twigs & Honey

The accessory brilliantly accompanies literally any style! Loose curls or waves are perfect for a romantic look. A low chignon or messy updo really lets the headband shine. Just be sure to bring it with you for any hair trials and/or let your stylist know you’re planning on wearing a headband. No matter which hairstyle you choose, the headband will help set your hair and keep it looking chic throughout the entire day. Alternatively, it’s a simple way to change up your bridal look—add, remove, or even switch out your headband for the reception!

Where is the best place to buy bridal headbands?

photo: Captured by Candace makeup: Burton Beauty gown + headband: Cicada Bridal florist: Juniper Flowers

When headbands began showing up on runways, brands and businesses took note. The accessory is readily found on shelves and designers are even releasing seasonal collections. For the most beautiful bridal headbands, we love modern designers like Lele Sadoughi, Twigs & Honey, and Jennifer Behr. We’ve also plucked favorites from small businesses on Etsy and retailers like BHLDN on our list below.

bridal veil with headband
photo: PJ Phillips Photography

To help you choose, we collected the most stunning bridal headbands in the most popular categories as well as the latest trends we’re LOVING. Spoiler: pearls, puffs, and celestial details are all included. Scroll on to find your favorite!

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Floral Wedding Headbands

leaf and flower bridal headband
photo and headband: Saint Beth Official

Flowers in her hair, anyone? A floral bridal headband won’t wilt and it’s such a beautiful accessory for the romantic bride. These types of headbands work well for any season and can be worn big and bold or tiny and dainty, alike.

Delicate Double Floral Headband

double floral bridal headband

This double headband is made with freshwater pearls and ceramic flowers for a truly ethereal look.

Shop Headband from BHLDN

Delicate Floral Hair Vine

floral bridal headband vine

If you prefer something more understated, this is a dainty floral headband that can be worn atop your head like a crown or tied back at your neck.

Shop Headband From David’s Bridal

White Dried Flower Bridal Headband

white dried floral bridal headband

This stunning adaption of a flower crown crossed with a headband was crafted in a Parisian workshop from preserved English roses, hydrangea, wisps of baby’s breath, and Limonium.

Shop Headpiece From BHLDN

Pearl and Floral Headband

pearl and floral bridal headband

This darling headband mixes resin flowers with tiny pearls, crystals, and hand-painted matte pink petals. It’s not too heavy and an utterly romantic accessory.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Porcelain Flower Bridal Headband

porcelain flower bridal headband

These porcelain petals are a perfect finishing touch to your bridal look. Plus, reviewers claim the metal band, which comes in gold or silver plating, is comfortable and not too tight.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Boho Floral Headband

boho floral bridal headband

The sheer ivory flowers on this bendable headband are flittery and feminine. Plus, we love the slight vintage flair with the gold beading.

Shop HEadband from Etsy

White and Gold Blossom Headband

white and gold floral blossom crown

This lightweight and flexible hand-wired floral headband features pearl-like clay flowers alongside Swarovski crystal beads and tiny faux pearls. Stunning for the sophisticated bride.

Shop Headpiece from Etsy

Dried Pampas + Flower Bridal Headband

dried flower bridal headband

Real preserved flowers (and pampas grass!) cover this hand-made dried floral bridal headband. The shop carries a variety of colors and flowers for an utterly unique bridal look.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Gold Bridal Headbands

bridal headband with gold and crystals
photo: Madison Aycoth crown: Maria Elena hair + makeup: Style Me Elvi gown: Galia Lahav fashion director: Gisele Del Busto model: Mieke Visser agency: Next Models Miami

Gold is a classic and regal option for your wedding hairpiece. From boho to minimalist, there are several gold headband options—and many that you could certainly wear more than once.

Glamorous Gold + Wool-Bouclé Headband

lelet gold bridal headband

Is this the most modern regal headband or what? Super chic and incredibly simple—so glam.

Shop Headband at Net-a-Porter

Gold Bridal Halo Headband

gold bridal headbands

photo: Tori Kelner

One bride called this golden halo the “star” of her wedding! It’s no wonder this headband was inspired by head-turning designs at the Met Gala.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Delicate Gold Floral Bridal Headband

delicate gold flower bridal headband

Delicate butterflies and flowers are perched atop this stunning gold bridal headband. The band can easily disappear into your hair due to its ultra-thin, no-pinch construction. SO magical

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Braided Gold Bridal Headband

braided gold bridal headband

The brand behind this it-shoe also makes perfect puffy headbands! This pleated gold lamé fabric headband works from a wedding day to a Monday—you’ll definitely wear it more again.

Shop Headband from Loeffler Randall

Pearl and Gold Bridal Headband

gold pearl bridal headband

Crafted from luminescent Swarovski pearls, this bridal headband is absolutely regal.

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Gold Halo Star Crown

star halo gold bridal headband

A celestial halo effect takes this starry gold crown above and beyond.

Shop Crown From Etsy

Sparkling Gold Bridal Headband

jewel gold bridal headband

The stunning fully crystal-encrusted gold headband is ALL about the sparkle. Rock this one under a disco ball and reception lights, for sure. Tested for comfort and flexibility, you’ll wear this all night long with not a headache in sight.

Shop From Jennifer Behr

Tiny Floral Gold Bridal Headband

tiny floral gold bridal headband

This tiny gold bridal headband features a single Swarovski crystal tucked inside each flower. Perfect for a whimsical look!

Shop From Etsy

Gold Leaf Bridal Headband

leaf gold bridal headband

Planning to wed in a forest? This beautiful gold leaf headband is the perfect accessory!

Shop Headband on Etsy

Bridal Ribbon Headbands

bridal ribbon headbands
David’s Bridal

While most modern headbands are crafted for comfort in mind, a bridal ribbon headband will most definitely keep headaches at bay. It’s a romantic option that can also be worn in a number of ways depending on how you choose to style your hair.

Rose Gold Crystal Ribbon Headband

rose gold ribbon bridal headband

Sometimes a crown of crystals is the only final touch you need. This headband comes in gold, silver, and rose gold, and you can even customize the ribbon color.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Celestial Chain Ribbon Bridal Headband

celestial chain ribbon bridal headband

We’re getting all the queenly vibes from this ribbon headband that features a chainmail detail. So cool and unique! Named after the Cassiopeia constellation, you’ll light up the night in this stunning piece.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Pearl and Ribbon Bridal Headband

pearl and ribbon bridal headband

Several delicate strands of pearls sit along gold wires for this sweet and subtle headband.

shop Headband on Amazon

Gold and Leaf Ribbon Bridal Headband

gold leaf ribbon bridal headband

Galadriel, Lady of the Wood, is that you? The gold leaf detail makes for a magical and whimsical on this affordable headband.

Shop Headband on Amazon

Black Flower Ribbon Bridal Headband

black ribbon bridal crown

Black on your wedding day? We LOVE. This is such a whimsical, mysterious look that would be so perfect for a fall wedding.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Swarovski Crystal Bridal Headbands

Swarovski crystal bridal headbands
Jennifer Behr

What is so special about Swarovski crystals? Swarovski’s high degree of precision cut and fine materials combine to create the highest quality glass crystal. It’s why the Swarovski name is synonymous with luxury and precision. And it’s why these crystal headbands shine above all the rest.

Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Headband Vine

pearl and Swarovski crystal vine

This simple vine combines crystals and pearls—and it couldn’t be more stunning. We love this look for a beach wedding!

Shop From David’s Bridal

Dainty Swarovski Crystal Bridal Headband

Swarovski crystal dainty headband

This headband might just be the most unique and modern of them all. A fine gold metal band is topped with tiny crystals that then fall into a pearl-dropped tendril behind the ear. Obsessed is an understatement!

Shop HEadband from BHLDN

Double Swarovski Crystal Bridal Headband

swarovski crystal double headband

The best of both minimalist and modern, this double-banded headband comes in gold or silver.

Shop HEadband From Jennifer Behr

Rose Gold Swarvoski Crystal Headband

rose gold and swarovski crystal bridal headband

Moons and stars top this other-worldly crown that is just BEGGING for a puff-sleeve dress to match!

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Knotted Swarovski Crystal Bridal Headband

knotted swarvoski crystal bridal headband

Everyone from Kate Middleton to Helen Mirren has been photographed wearing a Lele headband and now, you’ll be, too.

Shop Headband from Lele Sadoughi

Vintage-Inspired + Vintage Wedding Headbands

simple bridal headband
photo: Teri B. Photography

Brides have been wearing some form of headpiece for years—centuries, even. Turns out, if you dig long enough, you’ll find a vintage bridal headband with a story to tell. We pulled a few favorites but keep in mind that the true vintage pieces are one of a kind. If it’s sold out, look around the seller’s shop because you never know what kind of treasures you’ll uncover!

19th Century German Myrtle Wedding Tiara

vintage wedding headbands

This antique tiara comes by way of Germany, and with a corsage to match! This heirloom silver piece features a golden-toned patina that’s developed beautifully over 140+ years.

Shop Tiara on Etsy

1930s Art Deco Vintage Bridal Headband

1930s art deco vintage bridal headband

Downton Abbey lover, anyone? Original from the 1930s, this rare beaded pearl and rhinestone headband is in impeccable condition and an incredible find!

Shop Headband on Etsy

1950s Rhinestone Pearl Vintage Bridal Headband

1950s rhinestone pearl vintage bridal headband

Jumping ahead a few decades, here’s a vintage bridal headband that hails from the 1950s. Pearls and rhinestones are set in a wavy display on a metal band.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Art Deco Vintage-Inspired Bridal Headband

crystal pearl art deco vintage bridal headband

Inspired by authentic vintage bridal headbands, this piece is crafted with Preciosa crystals and Swarovski pearls for an art deco-inspired look.


Bridal Headband With Vintage Leaves

ribbon bridal headband with vintage details

This headband combines the best of modern and vintage. The gold rhinestone trim features two beautiful vintage leaves and ties at the nape of the neck for a unique ribbon drape or bow!

Shop Headband on Etsy

Pearl Bridal Headbands

pearl bridal headband
photo: Morgan Hydinger headband: Mignonne Gavigan 

Let’s get into some of our favorite trending categories! We predicted pearls would be huge for weddings this year and if the stunning pearl headbands below are any indication, we’re on the right track. Pearls are classic and refined and these headbands put a chic twist on the luminescent look!

Beaded and Pearl Bridal Headband

beaded pearl bridal headband

This halo-style pearl headband is mixed with beads and rhinestones for a tiara effect we LOVE.

Shop HEadband from BHLDN

Padded Pearl Headband With Veil

pearl headband with veil

A pearl headband with a birdcage veil? We DIE. So chic and stylish.

Shop Headband and Veil From Jennifer Behr

Rose Gold + Pearl Bridal Headband

blush and pearl wedding headband

This pearl + rosegold headband mixes pearls of all shapes for a crown-like effect.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Padded Pearl Bridal Headband

padded pearl bridal headband

A simple string of pearls on a padded headband is a refined way to rock the trend.

Shop Headband on Etsy

Faux Pearl Bridal Headband

faux pearl bridal headband

This mix of pearls on a gold band is pearly perfection—just ask the 5-star reviewers!

Shop Headband on Etsy

All Over Ivory Pearl Bridal Headband

lelet ivory pearl bridal headband

This strand of pearls puffy headband is simple as it gets yet OH-SO-STUNNING.

Shop Headband From Revolve

Gold and Pearl Bridal Headband

simple gold and pearl bridal headband

These dotted criss-cross pearls could easily be tucked within strands of hair for a darling dotted effect.

Shop Headband From Lulu’s

Puffy Pearl Bridal Headband

Spoiler for the category below, but we love a mix of pearls and a puffy band.

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Puff Bridal Headbands

puffy bridal headband
photo: Yana Korn Photography dress boutique: Mein Brautkleid

Puffy headbands circle back to Prada’s runway show and the trend that continues to take off rather than ease off. Thanks to the likes of royals, celebrities, and influencers alike, the puffy headband remains! You may also hear the term “hatband” for the large, royal-like pieces. We bow down.

Ivory Velvet Puffy Headband

ivory puffy bridal headband

Free People’s velvet puff headband captures the trend in the simplest terms and comes in a number of colors.

Shop HEadband from Free People

White Halo Puffy Headband

white bridal halo headband

Take it up a notch with this statement-making puff band!

Shop Headband From Hill House Vintage

Light Peach Puffy Headband

crystal puffy headband

Let’s make this crystal clear: peachy pink is a perfect color to accessorize with a white dress!

Shop Headband from Loeffler Randall

Puffy Bridal Headband With Veil

puffy bridal headband with mini veil

Loving the birdcage veil option? Try this one with a simple satin puffy headband.

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Satin Puffy Headband in Six Colors

hammered silk puffy bridal headband

This satin band comes in six colors but how GOOD is the golden crown vibe?

Shop Headband on Jennifer Behr

Celestial Bridal Headbands

celestial bridal headband
headband: Jennifer Behr

Finally, we wrap up our trending headband styles with our beloved celestial details. Our moon, sun, and stars—in headband form.

Simple Celestial Bridal Headband

simple celestial bridal headband

Love the simplicity of this one! Simple gold moons and stars dot this double-banded headband alongside light-catching crystals.

Shop Headband From Lulus

Moon + Stars Celestial Headband

moon stars celestial bridal headband

Moon of my life! This whimsical headband is faceted Swarovski crystals and flexible for ultimate comfort.

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Triple Row Celestial Headband

triple celestial bridal headband

The base of this headband was designed to allow it to disappear into your hair, leaving only the stars to shine.

Shop Headband from Jennifer Behr

Gold Celestial Headband

gold star celestial headband

Finally, this gold + crystal starry headband is affordable and chic for a stunning celestial vibe.

Shop Headband on Etsy

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