36 Best Smelling Candles With Unforgettable Scents

collection of the best smelling candles and scents

Let’s be honest, no home is complete without an epic scent to set the mood. These best smelling candles are an absolute must-have. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, adding to your R&R routine or giving the sweetest gifts, these delicious scents are sure to level things up.

We’ve included all kinds of candles and scents perfect for parties, gifts or a cozy night in! From citrus candles to Christmas scents to the boho vibes of patchouli, our list of the best smelling candles has you covered.

But before we dive in, let’s cover a few important FAQs all about how to source the best smelling candles. We’ve got all the details.

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What to Look For When Searching for the Best Smelling Candles

long lasting best smelling candles with patchouli and wood scent
Long Lasting Patchouli Best Smelling Candle: NEST

When searching for the best smelling candles and scents, there are a few things you have to consider. Let’s break them down:

  • Type of Wax: Pop Quiz! Do you know the most common waxes used for candles? If you guessed paraffin and soy, congrats! Paraffin wax candles and soy wax candles are the most common candles out there. Honorable mentions go to: palm wax candles and coconut wax candles. If you’re looking for a cleaner candle, soy and coconut wax candles are really great options.
  • Burn Time: Burn time for candles is extremely important. In order to get the most value out of your purchase, look for candles that burn longer! On average soy candles have a longer burn time than paraffin candles do. You should expect to calculate burn time based on the ounces of wax a candle has. For every ounce of wax, expect for the candle to burn between 7 and 9 hours.
  • Throw: When shopping for the best smelling candles, you will want to consider the ‘throw’ of the candle. AKA, how far the scent will distribute. Where you place your candle will determine how far of a throw you want your candle to have. For example, if you’re filling a large room, you’ll want a strong throw. If you are filling a smaller room and want a different aroma when you walk out, you’ll want a fainter throw.
  • Price Point: Cheaper candles sometimes mean a more toxic candle and a fainter scent. For the best smelling candles you should expect to spend around $25 at a minimum.
  • Notes: If you are looking for a fresh scent, consider purchasing a candle with citrus and herbal notes. For a more cozy scent, you might want to choose one with vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon notes.
  • The Wick: 100% cotton wicks are a good idea if you are looking to reduce your toxin exposure. A candle with three wicks tends to elongate the life of the candle, compared with a candle with one wick.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on a Candle?

best smelling candles Boy Smells floral scent candle
Floral Soy Best Smelling Candle: Les Boy Smells Candle

Candle lovers, you probably already know this but the price point on the best smelling candles varies depending on where you buy them and what kind of wax the candles are made with.

Generally speaking, non-toxic candles tend to be on the more expensive side. Always make sure to pay attention to what the candle is made out of (both the wax and the wick).

The best smelling candles featured in this roundup range anywhere from $14 to $90. You tend to pay more for the quality of the scents and the burn time.

Best smelling candles pro tip: If you’re looking for a non-toxic scent, look for candles made with essential oils! Essential oils are natural fragrances. However, with a more natural candle, the scents can be fainter.

Where to Buy the Best Smelling Candles

best smelling candles palo santo scent vegan soy wax candle
Vegan Soy Wax Best Smelling Candle: Palo Santo Soy Candle

There are a few shops that stand out amongst the rest when it comes to delivering an iconic scent. Let’s get right into it: these are the top spots to buy the best smelling candles.

  • Anthropologie: Anthro is all about whimsical scents that are unlike anything else out there. And can we talk about their cute candle jars and containers?! Beyond adorable. If you’re looking for the best smelling candles with unique and unexpected scents, Anthropologie is the way to go.
  • Etsy: We love Etsy for small shop handcrafted goods, and their collection of the best smelling candles is no different. There are so many unique scents and designs (like this adorable bubble candle we’re obsessed with!).
  • Amazon: Amazon is the holy grail of budget friendly candles, and we are always here for a good deal. With fast and easy shipping, you won’t have to wait too long for the best smelling candle to be right at your doorstep!

Best Smelling Soy Candles

clean soy best smelling candles in wooden dough bowls
Best Smelling Soy Wax Candles in Hand Carved Dough Bowl: Red Barn Candle Co.

The best smelling soy candles are always a crowd favorite. Their effortless, long-lasting scents are sure to make your house the freshest and coziest spot on the block!

Soy candles are often non-toxic and are less likely to trigger any allergies. Plus, soy candles burn cooler than other candles do, so you can enjoy your favorite scented candles longer.

1. Best Smelling Candle For The Anthropologie Lover: The Anthro Capri Blue Soy Candle

luxury long lasting soy best smelling candles with a citrus scent

If you’ve ever walked into an Anthro store, you know the smell of this candle already. Obviously it has to top the list of our best smelling soy candles.

This epic scent is a cult classic, with citrusy and greenery-inspired notes that are sure to add a fresh scent to your home (but honestly, you’ll love this scent year round).

It has a 75 hour burn time, so your place will be fresh for DAYSSSS. And with over 200 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars, you KNOW this one’s sure to impress.

Add to cart!

Shop The Classic Anthro Soy Candle

2. Best Smelling Candle For The Adventurer: The Homesick Road Trip Soy Candle

Homesick woodsy road trip inspired soy best smelling candles

The hardest thing you’ll do today? Choose which Homesick scent is your favorite. Their collection of soy best smelling candles are all best sellers (or should we say, best smellers), but we’re particularly fond of the road trip scent, with top notes of lime, leather, and marine…perfect for the adventurous soul.

With 4.5 stars and over 1,200 reviews, you truly can’t go wrong with one of these best smelling candles.

One of our favorite things about Homesick’s collection of soy candle scents is how personalized they are. They have a candle for your favorite activity, place and thing! Talk about a seriously cute gift!

Burn time is anywhere between 60 and 80 hours (we love to see it!). And the wick is made of organic cotton, which is one of the cleanest and best candle wick options.

Shop The Road Trip Soy Candle

3. Best Smelling Candle for an Addictively Fresh Scent: The Basil, Marine, + Moss Soy Candle

soy best smelling candles with basil and marine moss notes

Starting fresh when you need to is best when all your senses are on board. With basil, marine and moss notes, you are sure to forget why you were stressed in the first place!

This ceramic glazed candle jar will certainly add the perfect coastal vibe you need. Because the jar is hand dipped, no two are alike…and if you ask us, there’s nothing quite as good as a custom soy candle.

Once you’ve finished the 52 hour burn time of this best smelling candle, consider upcycling the jar into the perfect succulent pot.

Shop The Fresh Scent Soy Candle

4. Best Smelling Scent for The Escape Artist: The Santorini Escapist

Santorini inspired best smelling soy candles with wood scent

If you could go anywhere, right now, where would you go? A Santorini escape sounds perfect to us!

With Mediterranean fig top notes, this best smelling soy candle is sure to transport you as soon as you light it. And we love the way the freshness is paired with sandalwood and amber as base notes. That mix of fruitiness and earthiness is to die for.

Made in Brooklyn, NY, you can escape guilt-free with this eco-friendly and cruelty free 100% cotton wick soy wax candle.

Get packing!

Shop this eco-friendly soy candle

5. Best Smelling Candle for Hosting Guests: The Salt & Stone Sandalwood Soy Candle

long lasting soy best smelling candles with rose and sandalwood scent

This Salt & Stone soy candle is an absolute must-have! Making your home smell cozy and clean, the notes of sandalwood and black rose are sure to greet your guests in the best way.

We love when a candle comes in a beautiful jar. This black rose and sandalwood soy candle is sure to sit and smell pretty for 50 hours of burn time.

Make sure to grab this one before you have that summer dinner party. You’ll thank us later.

shop the Black Rose + sandalwood soy candle

6. Best Smelling Candle for A Tropical but Romantic Vibe: This Island Scented Soy Candle

best smelling soy candles flowers saffron lily scented candle

When it comes to the best smelling candles, this scent was described by one reviewer as “the best candle scent she has ever smelled!” With a scent described as sun-drench notes of mellons, fresh-cut lilies, gardenia and hints of spice accents and oceanic musk, you will be transported to a tropical paradise in no time!

And we particularly love that this coconut and soy candle is hand poured by two female small business owners here in Los Angeles! With a 100-hour burn time, you’ll be able to enjoy this candle for many nights.

And if you ask us, the best smelling candles are always leveled up when their containers can be used for other things. This one can totally double as a minimalist jewelry catch-all after you’ve burned all the island-y goodness.

Shop this tropical soy candle

Best Smelling Long Lasting Candles

coconut and soy long lasting best smelling candles with notes of sandalwood and musk
Sandalwood Soy Wax Best Smelling Candle: Rattan by Otherland

A long lasting candle is a necessity for anyone looking for a staple scent! Whether it’s the holidays or a lazy afternoon, no home is complete without the best smelling long lasting candles.

Some of these candles come with subscriptions, so you can have your favorite scent on reorder all year long. Or, if you like to switch it up, consider a candle with 40 – 60 hours of burn time.

So without further ado, these are some of our favorite best smelling long lasting candles!

7. The Best Smelling Candle for The Minimalist: Le Labo’s Santal 26 Long Lasting Candle

soy long lasting best smelling candles with smoky leather notes

When it comes to the best smelling candles, Le Labo scents are a fan fave. This hand-poured leathery soy candle is perfect for that minimalist in your life.

Cruelty-free, paraben-free and GMO-free with about 60 hours of burn time, this luxury long lasting best smelling candle is sure to save space and give your home that gentle and smokey scent.

Plus, this is the perfect pairing with the iconic Santal 33 perfume!

shop the minimalist Long Lasting candle

applying long lasting best perfumes for women thumb

Perfumes and candles go hand and hand. An iconic scent for your home and an iconic spritz for you. Check out our roundup of the best perfumes for the most dizzyingly delicious scents.

8. The Best Smelling Candle for Your Favorite Earth Sign: The Long Lasting Cannabis Candle

long lasting best smelling candles cannabis scented candle in clear jar

Put on your favorite song and light this vegetable wax best smelling candle for the ultimate, relaxing afternoon.

With lingering notes of cannabis and patchouli, this candle will fill your space with all rich and earthy hippie vibes, without the THC (and with a clean cotton wick). Plus, with its 60 hour burn time, this candle will be a hit in your home for more than a single season.

This long lasting best smelling candle is perfect for that earth sign in your life and we know they’ll love it!

Shop the Long Lasting cannabis candle

9. The Best Smelling Scent for the Essential Oils Fan: Follain No. 1

long lasting best smelling candles with sandalwood and lavender scented soy wax

We love it when the best smelling candles are also non-toxic. And this one delivers.

This all natural candle was made to fill your space with the sweet and fresh notes of lavender. Made from a sustainable coconut and soy wax, this candle is toxic free and unbleached.

It blends naturally-potent botanicals with high-performance clean synthetics, perfect for any gift and a clean burn for up to 70 hours!

shop this clean Scented Long Lasting candle

10. The Best Smelling Candle for Vanilla Lovers: Voluspa’s Long Lasting Santal Vanille Scent


Get ready for long lasting warm, rich, and cozy vibes, because that’s what this best smelling candle is all about. There is nothing like a classic vanilla to breathe life into your home during the colder months.

With beautiful, timeless and warm vanilla notes, this vanilla scented candle is exactly what you need if you are looking for the best smelling long lasting candle!

$32 for up to 140 hours of burn time is the ultimate steal. And we love that it’s made of coconut wax, which is one of the cleanest candle wax options.

Shop this classic vanilla Long Lasting candle

11. The Best Smelling Scent for the Homebody: Snif’s Sweet Ash Long Lasting Scent

long lasting best smelling candles with wood, patchouli, and vanilla been scent notes

Sometimes staying in is all you need! This earthy (one reviewer describes the scent of this one as walking through the damp woods in the summer….YAAAS) best smelling long lasting candle is perfect for when you’re working from home or calling in sick.

With over 200 hours of burn time (for the 50 oz version) and a non-toxic blend of wood, moss, vanilla, and patchouli notes, it’s time to ditch downtown and stay in this weekend!

P.S. This is one of Oprah’s favorite candles. Need we say more?

Shop the sweet ash Long Lasting candle

Best Smelling Luxury Candles

luxury best smelling candles anthurium overose scent
Luxury Best Smelling Fruity Sweet Candle: Anthurium Overose

If you are looking for the best way to elevate your space, impress your new neighbors or set that mood for a romantic date night; consider these best smelling luxury candles.

These sophisticated candles are the cream of the crop! From earthy to leathery notes, a luxury candle is a must-have to wow your guests at your next gathering or for your new chic city apartment.

Plus, they make the perfect gifts!

12. The Best Smelling Candle for Big City Dreamers: This Luxury Jo Malone Peony Scent

luxury best smelling candles with peony floral scent

If Blair Waldorf was a candle, we think she would be this one!

The chic design of this clear jar, topped with a timeless black bow is all you need to know that this luxury candle is perfect for our big city dwellers and dreamers.

A clean, sophisticated aroma of fresh peonies will fill your space with that clean and floral scent you’ve been looking for! This best smelling candle and its matching luxury perfume will help you bring your Gossip Girl dreams to life!

Shop this best smelling floral Luxury candle

13. The Best Smelling Luxury Scent for Your Chic Apartment: The Bibliothèque Candle

long lasting luxury best smelling candles with patchouli scent

Peach, plum and patchouli…oh my!

This luxury long lasting best smelling candle is laced with the richest notes sure to bring that extra ‘wow’ to your space. Not to mention, with 60 hours of burn time and the chic glass packaging, this luxury candle is a necessity for those with sophisticated taste.

Starting off leathery with sweet undertone notes, this best smelling candle is perfect for a laid back meets sophisticated feel. The vibes are immaculate.

shop this best smelling chic Luxury candle

14. The Best Smelling Scent for a Romantic Date Night: The ‘REPLICA’ By Maison Margiela

luxury best smelling candles with fire wood scent

Don’t let the nerves of a romantic date night keep you from enjoying a night in with your sweetheart.

Blending orange flower and vanilla notes with the strong woody scent of clove, this luxurious warm and spicy best smelling candle is exactly what you need to set the mood for your next date night!

Needless to say, this luxury candle pairs well with a dozen red roses.

Shop this Warm and Spicy Luxury candle

Best Smelling Candles on Amazon

soy best smelling candles on Amazon with rose and sandalwood scent
Rose and Sandalwood Best Smelling Candles on Amazon: Benevolence

Shopping on Amazon has become everyone’s favorite pastime. When the best smelling candles can show right up at your doorstep in a matter of hours or a few days? Sign us up!

There’s no denying Amazon is home to a truly versatile roundup of floral, fresh and smoky scents. With so many options at great prices remember your favorite candle notes and consider candle burn time!

We’ve got you covered with our list of the best smelling candles on Amazon. We’ve done the work, just pick that package up off your doorstep and grab that lighter.

15. Best Smelling Candle on Amazon for The Outdoors Lover: This Thymes Frasier Fir Scent

long lasting best smelling candles on Amazon with wood scent

This refreshing candle carries the scent of pinewood, cedar wood and Siberian fir needles throughout your home. If you love the outdoors or know someone who does, this long lasting best smelling candle is a must-have!

The smell of wood and pine cannot be beat, especially when shopping for a fresh, best smelling clean scented candle (with 5 stars and over 200 reviews BTW). It’s truly like taking a walk through your favorite National Park (minus the bugs…we’d call that a win).

No to mention, the intricate design of the candle jar also makes for the best subtle and rustic home decor.

shop this best smelling woodsy candle on Amazon

16. The Best Smelling Candle for a Strong Woodsy Finish: This Moroccan Amber Scent

best smelling candle scent on Amazon with amber and patchouli notes

This long lasting best smelling candle from Amazon mixes amber, patchouli and eucalyptus notes, making the perfect woodsy scent for your home.

The key scents in this best smelling candle are giving us ALL the earthy vibes. Let’s just say, this scent will having you wishing every day was Prime day!

NEST is known for their premium candle wax that brings a long lasting burn. With 4.6 stars and over 9,000 reviews, this one is a fave for a reason.

Shop this Long Lasting woodsy amber Candle on Amazon

17. Best Smelling Candle on Amazon for Your Sophisticated Bestie: Charcoal by Apotheke

long lasting best smelling candles on Amazon with smoky amber wood scent

A black charcoal long lasting best smelling candle that has smoky amber notes almost seems like something we dreamed up. But it’s real and Amazon delivers.

This handmade best smelling candle (with 60 hours of burn time, we might add!) is one of Jen’s favorite soy candles. It’s sophisticated scent and design are sure to elevate all your space.

Excuse us while we add this one to our carts. So worth it once you smell its blend of woodsy and amber notes!

shop this long lasting charcoal candle on Amazon

18. Best Smelling Candle on Amazon for Your Tropical Staycation: This Dreamy Coconut Scent

soy best smelling candles on Amazon with a tropical coconut scent

A large three wick candle for under $25? UMM, we’re sold.

This gorgeous long lasting best smelling tropical coconut candle from Amazon is the perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself! Give the gift of a mini staycation with this candle’s tropical aroma and gorgeous, chic glass jar.

Made with 100% soy wax and featuring notes of toasted coconut, banana leaf, and a hint of buttery rum, this candle is sure to transport you to the beach. Brb, grabbing our swimsuits.

shop this best smelling tropical coconut candle on AMazon

19. Best Smelling Scent on Amazon for Sexy Musk Vibes: Smoke and Vanilla

long lasting candle on amazon with smoke and vanilla scent and wood wick

Talk about a real smoke show! This smoke and vanilla candle from Amazon is perfect for that musky scent you’ve been searching for.

The slick black design of the candle jar blends in perfectly with your modern set up. This luxury best smelling candle is made with fine essential oils to bring you a long lasting and strong scent.

Delivered right to your door with a burn time of 45 hours, so you don’t have to worry about running out of your new signature scent anytime soon! We approve.

shop this smoke and vanilla candle On Amazon

20. Your New Fave Best Smelling Candle on Amazon: This Velvet Rose Scent

floral soy best scent on Amazon with velvet rose and oud notes

The best of both worlds: a candle that has a floral and woodsy scent.

Strawberry, peach and jasmine blended with patchouli, amber and vanilla notes will fill your home with a familiar yet exciting new aroma. And the cherry on top is how this beauty is packaged in a cute rose gold jar. Pretty sure you’ll WANT to have this one on full display at all times, and we don’t blame you.

Frankly, this best smelling candle is an absolute steal – 35 hours of burn time for just $15. We’d call that a worthy investment.

Shop the velvet rose candle On Amazon

21. Best Smelling Candle on Amazon for a Fresh Citrus Scent: This Yuzu Citrus Coconut Wax Candle

best smelling candles on Amazon with citrus scent and wood wick

If you love the smell of a fresh citrus candle, this Amazon best smelling candle is for you!

This eco-friendly and naturally made candle comes with the sweetest mandarin, tangerine and lemon notes, for a refreshingly and much-needed clean scent.

And if you love a woodsy finish, this citrus best smelling candle comes with a wood wick…we’re kind of obsessed with the crackling sound. Providing you with the perfect balance of fresh and earthy!

Shop this citrus candle On Amazon

Best Smelling Candles from Diptyque

collection of luxury long lasting best smelling candles from Diptyque
Classic Scented Candles: Diptyque

Diptyque candles are known for their iconic high-quality collections and non-toxic wax blends. They make the perfect gifts and elevate your space with their simple, yet classic jar design. And their signature scents are sure to be your new favorite!

Since 1963, Diptyque has been changing the candle game. The anticipation of their new arrivals are truly something to look forward to. Never the same and always incredible smelling, Diptyque candles famously never use synthetic fragrances in their products!

Let’s take a trip to the city of light, because your next high-end, Parisian, must-have item are these best smelling Diptyque candles.

22. The Best Smelling Scent for Warm Crackling Fire Vibes: Feu de Bois from Diptyque

luxury long lasting best smelling candles from Diptyque with a wood fire scent

With a long lasting 75 hours of burn time, winter days will be warm and familiar with this wood fire best smelling candle from Diptyque.

Woodsy sensations fill your home just in time for you to grab your favorite hot tea and watch your comfort show! And this hand-blown class jar isn’t hard on the eyes either.

We love this luxury candle for a rainy day.

Shop the wood fire best smelling Diptyque candle

23. The Best Smelling Scent to Start Your Diptyque Collection: The Saint Germain

luxury long lasting best smelling Diptyque moss and wood scent

It’s Diptyque’s iconic scent, and a total dream. The warmth of this wood and mossy, long lasting best smelling candle is ready to wrap you in its embrace!

Diptyque’s Saint Germain candle will send the freshest and strongest notes of floral and spice through your home for up to 75 hours. Add this luxury candle to your Diptyque collection to truly elevate any burn experience!

shop this luxury long lasting wood diptyque candle

24. The Best Smelling Candle from Diptyque for the Summertime Aesthetic: This Fig Tree Scent

luxury long lasting best smelling candles from Diptyque with fig scent notes

Fruit is always the sweetest in summer!

This fig tree candle from Diptyque offers those delicate fruity accents you need to stay hydrated all summer long.

And let’s be honest, we cannot get enough of the classic and trendy design of these iconic Parisian candles. With 60 hours of burn time, this luxurious best smelling Diptyque candle is the best way to have your Emily in Paris moment!

Shop the Fig Tree best smelling Diptyque candle

Best Smelling Fall Candles

soy long lasting fall best smelling candles with cinammon notes
Best Smelling Pumpkin Chai Fall Candles: NEST Candle

When the leaves start to change color and you feel that crisp morning air, it’s time for the best smelling fall candles! These warm and delicious candles are perfect for a cozy night in or for hosting your bffs for Friendsgiving.

From sweet vanilla to spicy cinnamon notes that give us ALL the freshly baked pie vibes, these are our our favorite Fall best smelling candles.

25. Best Smelling Candle for Your Halloween Party: The Capri Blue Pumpkin Dulce Fall Scent

long lasting fall best smelling candles with vanilla and pumpkin scent

Picture this: The doorbell rings, the Monster Mash is playing, and you’ve just lit this delicious fall inspired best smelling candle. You are officially the best Halloween party host. Ever.

This long lasting best smelling candle comes with the cutest jar, notes of white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap, whipped vanilla and 85 hours of burn time.

Before you send out those Halloween party invites make sure to grab your new favorite pumpkin candle, sure to deliver well after you pack up that spooky decor!

Shop this best smelling pumpkin Fall candle

26. Best Smelling Candle for the Cabin Upstate (literally): The Cabin Upstate Fall Scent

long lasting fall soy best smelling candles with pine wood and smoke scent

Ready for a cozy escape? This fall candle is for you!

Grab your favorite fuzzy socks and a hot cup of coffee, your cabin upstate is just seconds away with this best smelling woodsy fall candle. And with 50 hours of burn time, you can escape to the woods as often as you’d like.

Did you know that the comforting smell of smoke and pine pairs perfectly with putting your phone on do not disturb (oh, and queuing up Taylor Swift’s 10 min version of All Too Well, Sad Autumn Girl version)? Well, now you do. *wink wink*

P.S. This best smelling woodsy candle is the perfect house warming gift for a friend who actually did move upstate!

Shop the long lasting Upstate Cabin Fall Candle

27. Best Smelling Candle for the Pumpkin Spice Latte Lover: This Spiced Pumpkin Fall Scent

long lasting soy fall best smelling candles with pumpkin spice latte scent

If you’re the first in line for a pumpkin spice latte, this best smelling fall candle is for you!

With kombocha pumpkin, coconut milk and winter spice notes, your room will be a cozy fall sanctuary in no time. Talk about an autumnal necessity!

Plus, the gorgeous candle jar is perfect for elevating any fall decor. And with different sizes to choose from, you could be enjoying this candle for up to 250 hours of burn time. Needless to say, it’s a candle basically made for those of us who never want the fall season to end.

Shop the spiced pumpkin latte Fall candle

curry butternut squash soup healthy fall dinner ideas

Hosting a fall gathering? After you’ve snagged the best smelling fall candles, consider trying these fall dinner recipes that will wow your friends and family!

28. Best Smelling Scent for Fall Festival Enthusiasts: Homesick’s Autumn Hayride Scent

long lasting soy fall best smelling candles with patchouli notes

Ticket for one please! This candle is sure to bring the sweet aroma of fall nostalgia as you get ready to visit the pumpkin patch, get lost in a corn maze or snuggle up on a hayride. It’s basically the classic fall childhood experience, wrapped up in a whimsical, long lasting candle.

This best smelling soy candle carries nutmeg and patchouli notes for up to 80 hours…because we can’t imagine a world where we would want the fall vibes to end.

With Homesick’s collection, you can never go wrong…save us a seat next to you on the hayride!

Shop the best smelling Autumn Hayride Homesick Fall Candle

29. Best Smelling Candles for The Baker: This Pumpkin Cheesecake Fall Scent

soy fall candles with pumpkin scent

We wish our homes would always smell like freshly baked cookies and pumpkin cheesecake, and now they can.

This adorably cute best smelling soy candle is packed with sweet and spicy notes that will make your house smell like an easy bake oven, without the messy clean up!

And it’s only $10 with a 40 hour burn time? Say less! We’re ready for all the cozy baked good scents.

Shop the best smelling Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies Fall Candle

30. The Best Smelling Fall Scent for Friendsgiving: Hello Pumpkin

soy fall best smelling candles with pumpkin pie spice and vanilla scent

Gather your besties and light this cute little candle for Friendsgiving!

Just like it’s name, this soy wax candle invites you in with notes of pumpkin, vanilla, and buttery crust…a combo that’ll make your home smell absolutely heavenly. Not too strong and not too sweet…definitely something to be thankful for!

This best smelling fall candle makes the perfect gift for any host (along with your sweet potato casserole recipe, the one with extra marshmallows!!).

Shop the best smelling Hello Pumpkin Fall candle

Best Smelling Christmas Candles

best smelling candles christmas capri blue candle in festive candle jars
Alpine Juniper Best Smelling Christmas Candle: Capri Blue

Stumped on the perfect gift or stocking stuffer? These best smelling Christmas candles are perfect for spreading Christmas cheer all year round!

Unforgettable notes of pine, candy cane and peppermint make these candles the most merry of all the ones on the list. Time to get your Christmas shopping done, there is a best smelling Christmas candle for everyone on your nice list!

31. Best Smelling Scent for a White Christmas: Holiday from NEST

luxury Christmas best smelling candles with pine wood scent

This classic Christmas candle is perfect for any and all Holiday festivities..one of those iconic best smelling candle scents!

NEST candles are known for their long lasting burn time (this one is 60 hours) and staple scents, and this best smelling Christmas candle is no different!

Combining fruity and woodsy pine notes, this candle is sure to be your favorite Christmas staple!

Our recommendation: Add to cart for the best White Elephant Christmas gift!

Shop this Fruity Wood Christmas Candle

32. Best Smelling Christmas Candle for Your Holiday Party: Voluspa’s Crushed Candy Cane Scent

long lasting Christmas best smelling candles with peppermint scent

The best smelling Christmas candle doesn’t exist – oh wait. It totally does.

This gorgeous candy cane candle is an absolute must-have for the Holiday season. Blending in with your Christmas decor, this long lasting crushed candy cane candle comes with three wicks and 80 hours of burn time.

And we love that it’s made of a coconut wax blend, so you’re opting for a cleaner burn experience.

The fresh smell of peppermint on this best smelling candle will surely get any grinch in the Christmas spirit.

shop the best smelling candy cane Christmas candle

retro rattan outdoor patio best bar carts thumb

Hosting a Holiday Party this season? Get your festive bar cart ready with our roundup of the best bar carts. We can’t lie, they’re the perfect spot to display your best smelling Christmas candles!

33. Best Smelling Christmas Scent for the Friend That Has Everything: This Christmas Memories Candle

long lasting soy Christmas best smelling candles with apple cider and cinnamon note scents

5 stars and over 15,000 views, this best smelling Christmas candle had to make our list!

This irresistably chic candle is perfect for that friend that has everything. Fresh notes of cinnamon, Christmas tree and clove makes this candle an absolute must-have. Plus, it’s the perfect size to fit on your Christmas mantel!

It’s made of soy, with a cotton wick, so you know you’re burning not only one of the best SMELLING Christmas candles, but also one of the cleanest.

Shop the Christmas memories candle

34. Best Smelling Christmas Scent for Stuffing Stockings: Peppermint Bark

Christmas best smelling candles with soy wax and peppermint scent

Give the gift of giving back by supporting a small business! This simple best smelling peppermint bark Christmas candle is just as sweet as it sounds.

This vegan natural soy wax candle will bring the perfect peppermint bark smell to your home this holiday season. When your house smells like warm chocolate and mint, Santa will surely make his way to you first!

With 4.8 stars and over a thousand reviews, we definitely recommend this as a stocking stuffer! Plus it’s made with a clean cotton wick and ships with eco friendly packaging. A best smelling candle that’s good for the Earth too? We love to see it.

Shop the Peppermint Bark Christmas Candle

35. Best Smelling Scent for a Christmas Movie Marathon: This Pinewood Holiday Scent

Christmas best smelling candles with sandalwood and cedar wood scent

Popcorn, mistletoe, eggnog and this gorgeous pinewood candle: the essentials for your Christmas movie night!

Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future will fill your home when you light this best smelling Christmas candle. The perfect blend of nostalgia and hope, this candle is definitely on our Christmas list this year!

The reviews for this best smelling candle KEEP talking about how much it smells like an actual Frasier fir tree. And with an average star rating of 4.8, you know this is gonna be a crowd favorite.

This one is sure to spark warmth and joy during your next Christmas movie night!

Shop the Frasier Fir Pine Needle Christmas Candle

36. Best Smelling Christmas Candle for Decorating the Tree: This Homesick Winter Mantel Scent

long lasting soy Christmas best smelling candles with wood scent from Homesick

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree has never been better!

The sweet scents of holly and pine wood never fail to get you in the Christmas spirit, and now you can have the merry scent of a Christmas at home whenever you want!

This best smelling candle has an average burn time of 60 – 80 hours and an organic cotton wick, so you’re not only getting a clean candle, but one that’ll last a long time (perfect for those mid-winter snowstorms!).

We know exactly what to add to our Christmas list!

Shop the long lasting christmas homesick candle

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